Toyota Camry S Plus edition joins 2014 UAE line-up

Toyota Camry S Plus edition joins 2014 UAE line-up

2014 Toyota Camry S Plus
Al Futtaim Motors, the UAE dealer for Toyota, has created their own special-edition model at the lower end of the Toyota Camry range, dubbed the S Plus edition.

The 2014 Toyota Camry S+ is basically a, pardon the pun, base model with added features, such as LED running lights on the front bumper, leatherette seats, cruise control, 6.1-inch display audio with Bluetooth and rear parking sensors with rear camera, aside from the standard 6-speed automatic, keyless entry, ABS with brake assist and dual front airbags.

Still powered by a 178 hp 2.5-litre 4-cylinder, the Camry S Plus is priced at Dhs 86,900 in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Northern Emirates showrooms, with a 5-year unlimited-mileage warranty.

For full prices and specs, visit the Toyota Camry buyer guide.

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  1. Mash, won’t these 5 year unlimited mileage warranty become null and void once we stop taking the car to their ‘authorized’ service centre for even simple things like oil change?

  2. dealers will never find out! you do an oil change from the petrol station then the next service do it at al futtaim dealer would never find the unlmited mileage warranty iis only gearbox and engine! if you plan to lower your car or change your bulbs your warranty wont get void! only if you add an aftermarket itnake and add an exhaust will it void the warranty because if anything happens to your engine or gearbox they will see aftermarket parts on your vehicle and void your warranty!

  3. These people are total ripoffs. Here in Kuwait, they are selling a base model Corolla for the same as a base model Camry, aside from the options and packages and all that other stuff. Its annoying to see that people fall for these tricks. People should realize that a Corolla and Camry aren’t even similar, besides the Toyota badge. People still buy these Toyotas even when their quality has dropped, and their prices have skyrocketed. Back in 2002, people could by a brand new Camry for 3,100 KD, with a warranty, Base model of course. Today, prices are soaring around 5,000 KD. This is a huge ripoff, as the Camry still offers all of the same gadgets it offered back in 2002, besides the audio system and the engine. Imagine what “cheap” cars will cost in 12 years.If the Camry is this expensive now, based on calculations, in 2026, If the Camry wasn’t discontinued, it would cost around 8,000 KD, the price of a 2013 Cadillac CTS sedan. Base model. If car prices are this high without them offering something very new or different, they are ripoffs. The new 2014 Kia Optima costs almost the same as a base Camry, but it offers a not-so-eye-burning design, great engine choices, not to mention the tech in it. If a brand new base Camry doesn’t even have parking sensors, when every other car can beep when they reverse at the base models, like the Optima for example. Bottom line is, if base model value isn’t as good as other car’s base value, it isn’t worth it. And this is coming from me, a 14 year old that hasn’t even drove a car, let alone bought one.

  4. No one ever buys toyota because it has options or value addition or looks ppl buy toyota because of their reliability and low running cost if other can beat this then its fair to say toyota are ripoffs.
    don’t consider recalls as toyota a brand is going down it will take ages for korean to come on par with toyota. Toyota are made as basic as they can, so it can be used as fleet cars hauling ppl they were never meant to be driver’s car and never can be.

  5. They charge for 5 years warranty and voids it if not serviced on 5k interval now this is ripoff

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