Chevrolet Cruze gets 2015 facelift

Chevrolet Cruze gets 2015 facelift

The Chevrolet Cruze has received a facelift for the 2015 model-year, the second one since its debut back in 2008.

The minor frontal re-do, with integrated LED running lamps, is for the American market so it remains to be seen if the GCC-spec Cruze from Korea gets the same changes.

The Chinese market is getting a completely new and different car with the same name, but it won’t be sold elsewhere due to its smaller overall size.

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  1. No matter how much they facelift, Cruze’s engine’s is one of the most horrible. It’s acceleration is like 10 people pushing a lazy cow..please discontinue this model!

  2. Funny Interpretation Mosa …….:-)

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