Lexus LX570 Supercharged apparently offered in Kuwait

Lexus LX570 Supercharged apparently offered in Kuwait

Lexus has apparently just launched a supercharged version of the LX 570 exclusively for the Middle East market, making its debut in Kuwait.

Arabic blog Qabaq posted details of the upgrade package for the LX 570 SUV, which consists of a supercharger added to the standard 5.7-litre engine. The standard motor produces 362 hp, but with the upgrade, power is bumped up to 450 hp, likely using a TRD supercharger of the kind available for the Toyota Tundra.

Subtle changes have been made to the interior as well, such as red leather seats, wood trim with red accents and “Supercharger” written across the tail-gate. Other features include xenon headlights with LED low-beams, power tailgate, front and rear parking sensors and navigation.

We have yet to hear details about performance figures but an 88 hp bump in output should definitely help improve the 0-100 kph time which currently sits at 7.8 seconds officially for the standard engine.

Assuming this isn’t just an initiative by the Kuwaiti dealer, it is highly likely the supercharged Lexus LX 570 will make its way to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other GCC countries soon.

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  1. the middle east market needed the LX with Supercharge, i hope the other Lexus models come with Supercharges too

  2. Give the LC, Prado & the FJ Super Chargers as well.. dont leave Toyota to sulk.. they are Toyota Racing Development after all.

    • Are you serious, do you really want to supercharge the Prado, hahahah it will flip over in the first curve of the road

  3. Bare in mind this supercharger is not for dragging the car for a 0 to 60 so please stop creating a hype about it, most of all what it will do is help tow as the supercharger has no lag at all… Its an suv and its cg is weak, so its not aupposed to b as fast as a vette or a gtr….

  4. Sigh, one more option for tailgaters

  5. Man how are you matching Red Seats with Brown Wood Trim, camonnnn it’s ugly as hell.

    Plus the dealers are making the most cut out of this one, since these options (Like the Supercharger) are available as genuine parts from aftermarket and can be fitted for fraction of the price. On the other hand, the dealer just waits for any chance to take off your warranty!

  6. another SUV version the world doesnt need..

  7. Any news about it when it will be coming to UAE. Its really nice Lexus did something as well for this time.

  8. dubai police should have been given a few of these instead of the 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado which have been already put on patrolling duties. The “Supercharger” badge would actually fit in well.

  9. shabab car !!!!

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