2014 Nissan Tiida offered with optional body kit in UAE

2014 Nissan Tiida offered with optional body kit in UAE

2014 Nissan Tiida with Body Kit
One of our readers caught this body-kitted 2014 Nissan Tiida at the Dubai showroom of Arabian Automobiles. The kit is now an optional extra, in case you are into that sort of thing.

2014 Nissan Tiida with Body Kit 2

The original Nissan body kit consists of front, side and rear skirts as well as a roof spoiler. It costs Dhs 6500 and can also be bought separately, if you already own a 2014 Tiida hatchback.

For UAE prices and specs, visit the Nissan Tiida buyer guide.

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  1. 6500!! I pet they add about 55 bhp combined

  2. might be a typo….650 AED 😛

  3. Can we get colored brake calipers too? Just for that extra 10bhp? 😉

  4. I’ve always been worried about the down force in TIIDA. Now with the new enhanced high performance spoiler, I am sure drivers will be relieved!

    Also as a bonus, the side skirts seem to be directing airflow right to the brake calipers, helping it cool faster.

    Nice move Nissan. Eagerly waiting for the Sunny package now!

  5. I can see some Formula 1 engineering involved hmmm… did they mention how much “G” it can get with this optional extra.

  6. A rear spoiler is the only thing they should have added if it didn’t already come with one.

  7. Wow…cant wait to get my racing gear and tear this beast up in the kid’s playground ! who needs a GTR now 🙂

  8. Despite all the jokes; this is a good looking hatchback.

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