Toyota FJ Cruiser production to continue, Land Cruiser redesign coming soon

Toyota FJ Cruiser production to continue, Land Cruiser redesign coming soon

There’s a lot of stories in the air about Toyota’s future plans, so when we got the opportunity to have a chat with Takayuki Yoshitsugu, the new boss at Toyota Middle East & North Africa, we asked him some direct questions, two of which were about their 4×4 line-up. There’s good news.

Firstly, all U.S. publications are reporting that FJ Cruiser production will end this year. That’s inaccurate. The Japanese-built FJ Cruiser will not pass stringent new fuel-economy regulations in the States, so it will be discontinued in that market only. But production will actually continue, and it will carry on in other markets, such as the GCC. We were also told the same by a Dubai dealer rep when we bought one earlier this year.

The 2015 Land Cruiser is also slated to get some sort of redesign, and will probably come this winter, as per word on the street. Takayuki-san was tight-lipped about it, but he more or less confirmed that we should expect something. Given that the Land Cruiser usually has a decade-long life-cycle, it will probably be a second facelift.

We’ll post the full interview later, about Toyota’s other future plans and other interesting tidbits.

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  1. Ive been saying this since last year. FJ sales will only seize for the US market.

    Taken your wifes ride to the desert yet, Mash?

  2. It is time for Toyota to bring the FJ with the 190 HP 3.0 D4D engine . It will be mine all the time .
    Also the 6 speed automatic trans for the Corrolla .

    • At least for Corolla unfortunately no 6 speed trans is predicted for UAE market other markets got CVT option so most probably in future they might upgrade Corolla to CVT for UAE market. But yes you are right 4 speed is really worst drawback for new corolla because I have one Corolla Limited 2015 !!

  3. if I’m not mistaken, the last Land Cruiser lasted for 8 years, and the same for prado, so the current LC is there since 2008, it is a due for an all new model, not a second facelift, this is my speculation, so it either get revealed soon and then start sales as 2015, or maybe get revealed early next year and then get sales after mid year as 2016, and frankly they need an all new model, the facelifted Patrol is outpacing the LC in sales, I’m not talking official numbers of course, but I’m just judging from what I see on the roads, the facelifted Patrol is everywhere, as if they are giving it for free.

  4. Now you see facelifted PATROl & the new URVAN every where in Dubai . Looks like Nissan is on a roll!!!

  5. Will there be a facelifted fj cruiser or still just the same?

  6. If the lastest facelift or redesign on prado is anything to go by, i will not get too excited.

  7. I have a question about the fj crusier redesign when it will came to the market and what the future’s it has beacuse we’ve waiting along time and thank you

  8. Iam waiting please I need the answers fast as you can

  9. Fj’s production will continue, does that mean same model or are the going to introduce a new model.

    I think they will be making the same car until the sales come to a stop and eventually discontinue the car. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


  10. what about toyota sequoia, will it be redesign in 2016?

  11. any word yet on when the Landcruiser facelift goes on sale in the UAE?

  12. Arghh, was patiently waiting for a revised land cruiser in 2015, but nothing… Grmpffff..

    Any news Mash?

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      They just fiddled around with the options as well as the bumper skirts. Oddly enough, they’ve not released any official photos, although it’s already on sale.

  13. Am a Kenyan,this my dream car and it look awesome

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