Close look at the 2015 Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo available in UAE

Close look at the 2015 Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo available in UAE

2015 Toyota Fortuner TRD
This is probably old news for Toyota fanboys, but for those who don’t know, Al Futtaim Motors in the UAE is offering a TRD kit for the 2014-2015 Toyota Fortuner, and this is the first time we got a close look at it, when we were dropping off our Toyota FJ Cruiser at the dealer service centre.

We’ve seen kits on older Fortuners before, but it seems this version, officially dubbed the Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo, is being offered as a complete model, with an original TRD kit, rear spoiler, LED running lights, leatherette upholstery and a rear-seat entertainment system, all dealer-installed. There are no mechanical upgrades.

Available with either the 2.7-litre or the 4.0-litre engine, the TRD Sportivo trim adds about Dhs 12,000 to the price of a regular model. The model range has currently been trimmed down to a 2.7 EXR, 2.7 TRD Sportivo, 4.0 GXR and 4.0 TRD Sportivo.

For prices and specs, visit the Toyota Fortuner buyer guide.

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  1. For god sake when they are going to release a TRD kit for my 2013 Prado…. 🙁

  2. Like if poeple who buy Fortuner care about sportiness. Enough said.

  3. its a fortuner @ the end,and nothing else…matter

  4. this particular car is only for people who wanna own a big car but cant afford a real big cars…

    you dont buy this can if you really a fan of big cars…
    and come on, look at those design!! is still ugly like its predecessor…
    sorry but its the truth.

    • Small mind, big talks!

    • I agree this car is hideous, Toyota needs to stop bringing them to the gulf. Who would buy this over the Prado. This car is made for countries like India and the Philippines or China.

      Look at the options they got in the USA. Highlander and the 4runner, Bring those over! Not this Chinese looking plastic junk.

  5. mostly agree with the comments so far

    i quite like the back but the front needs a full revamp.. quickly..

  6. 12000 for a few tacked on bits ? All it does is bump up the price to a level where its easier to go for a better made and more comfortable alternative.

  7. yawn…………….

  8. Over priced, fugly and not that refined…oddly they still sell in droves simply because it’s a Toyota

  9. As said before, this is only good for desert junkies.

  10. I never understood with AFM discontinued the 4runner, it is such good truck based SUV. The highlander also another great SUV,

    WHY?? AFM?

    • Agree with you totally! If the FJ Cruiser and the Sequoia both for the American market, were brought to the GCC, why not also bring the 4Runner and the Highlander. The 4Runner used to be sold here, but that was a very long time ago.

  11. yup I think till the mid 1990s.. as I recall.

    AFM need to realize the consumer is much more aware of the product and they cant just dump products on us as they will.

  12. Blah, blah, blah…there’s racist, whiners, losers… Its just an article, nobody told YOU to buy this car. C’mon get a life…

    Nice one AFM…

  13. “There are no mechanical upgrades” in other words same shit different day. AFM if u r gonna label it trd at least add performance upgrades else just call it sport.

  14. @Hamad, shut up your dirty mouth!
    There is no Fortuner on Chinese market.
    Without Chinese product, how can u support your poor family? Plz peel off your pant, check it made in China or not!
    At least, China has many Auto companies, many electronics companies,full set of industry system, what U have?

    • Dante: China Malaysia Burma wherever you come from all the same dump. Auto company? China? I doubt anyone would buy those things. Anything that is made in China is bound to fail, thats why their is an expression everyone uses, “made in china”.
      Oh and my poor family? I could probably buy you this minute to work on my farm! Damn i’m starving, off to get some Kung Pao Chicken from Ching Chang Panda!

  15. @Hamad, U are really a racist, and your reply is not on the point.
    Check ur electronics,garments,textile, your building material, everything u have, even ur cellphone signal (it will be built by Chinese company Huawei),check it made in China or not. If all made in China are dump, please swear never use, like Iphone,otherwise U will be a true dump!So don’t easily insult other nationality people, they all made contribution to the world.
    Maybe u r rich, but plz think why U r rich, by what?
    Moreover, compare to Chinese & Japanese billionaire, U are nothing.

  16. I’m going to by a fortuner next week. But I’m really worried about fortuner suspension. may I know what is actually

  17. I have purchased 2014 Toyota Fortuner 2.7L TRD Sportivo in Nov’14. Really enjoying the drive and not satisfied with service provide by AFM during the 2nd service even I have service maintenance contract!

  18. I have purchased 2014 Toyota Fortuner 2.7L TRD Sportivo in used for a year in 2015. I am enjoying the drive but i am not satified with the mileage. the full tank cost about 110 AED. and the mileage is a meagre 370 Kms on highway. I tried talking to the guys in Al Futtaim but they were vague and i was not satisfied. I have done the major service and on 60k changed the plugs and other requirement with al futtaim but still no improvement in mileage.. i happen to ask a guy owning same model and he said he is getting around 500 kms this was a surprise. i would appreciate your suggestions since fuel has become expensive in Dubai. Many thanks.

  19. I’ve read some of the posted comments. Not encouraging news for me as I am contemplating to buy one…well here is my take on it….price and spacious=humbleness…why would I spend a lot of money on land cruiser or Nissan petrol when I have three kids to send to send to university…yes, this is an old talking…It does what I needed for…It is Toyota and I do not have to finance it.

    This may help you understand why we buy Fortuner

  20. Iam intrested plz update me details

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