Slamstop introduces automatic door-closing mechanism for any car in UAE

Slamstop introduces automatic door-closing mechanism for any car in UAE


When you casually swing your car’s door closed, sometimes it does not close properly and you have to slam the door again. The highest-end luxury cars have a feature where you just close the door lightly, and the door automatically sucks in and shuts itself. Slamstop is an aftermarket product that offers this quieter alternative for any car.

Slamstop produces a universal door-retracting system that is designed to mechanically close car doors softly, ensuring none remain unsecured on a vehicle, which may be the case with kids in the back usually.

It is the first and only aftersales product of its kind. Previously, these devices were only available on some luxury cars such as the Mercedes-Benz S-class or the BMW 7-Series.

The Slamstop product is produced by a specialist South Korean automotive manufacturer and has been tested for more than 30000 cycles.

Launched to market in 2011, Slamstop has quickly expanded its business interests into ten countries across North America, Europe and Asia. Expansion into the UAE marks the company’s 11th country.

Slamstop is compatible with almost all cars of any class, regardless of age and model. It will be available to customers in the UAE via distributors, autoparts retailers, workshops, garages and the Slamstop showroom in Al Quoz from February 2015.

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  1. You missed out the important question. What do they charge for it?

  2. Well its also already available in GMC jeeps..

  3. How does it work? Does the company disclose that atleast?

  4. “Pricing for Slamstop will vary by the retailer, but the company estimates that it should cost between $800 and $1,000 for the device to be installed on a four-door vehicle. Looking very similar to a power window motor, the developer says the Slamstop is easy to install with standard tools, but it isn’t clear if drilling or any other modifications must be made.”

  5. What this country needs is a device that automatically open car doors without touching next car so we can all avoid door dings.

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