So we got a 2015 Ford Fusion

So we got a 2015 Ford Fusion

2014 Ford Fusion in the UAE (1)

In 2014, the new Ford Fusion was a long-awaited entry into the rather stagnant midsize sedan market that’s dominated by the Japanese. If you remember, we ran a set of articles about the Ford Fusion comparing the midsizer to its rivals in various aspects (and for the record, they were clearly labelled as sponsored by the carmaker, unlike the unmarked paid “reviews” that most other publications run for various brands). We were proud of those stories, largely because we brought some truth to advertising as we had complete control on what to write about, rather than just calling it the best car ever built, period. Now that some time has passed, and to shoot down accusations of bias, we’ll revisit the car with a more complete review in our traditional format, now that we can spare some time.


The latest Fusion is a good-looking car, completely different from anything else in its class, although it does look a bit bulky when seen in side-profile.

2014 Ford Fusion in the UAE (6)

Inside, there’s generally good use of soft-touch materials to offset the hard-plastic areas, in keeping with class standards. That trademark touchscreen is prominent and within easy reach, although, like most touchscreens, it’s a fingerprint-magnet.

2014 Ford Fusion in the UAE (5)

While it’s no class-leader when it comes to rear legroom, space is still pretty good overall, and the boot is massive.

2014 Ford Fusion in the UAE (3)

We’ll talk more about this car in the complete review, although judging by how many we see on the roads every day compared to the previous version, it seems to have clicked with certain consumers. More in the full review.

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  2. in north america, they have this car dual exhaust tips

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