2016 Toyota Fortuner and Hilux should debut before end of 2015

2016 Toyota Fortuner and Hilux should debut before end of 2015


The current Toyota Fortuner is a bit long in the tooth, having undergone two minor facelifts over its near decade-long existence. However, it looks like a completely new model is set to debut before the end of 2015.


The 2016 Toyota Fortuner has been spotted undergoing final testing on the streets of Brazil by Noticias Automotivas, alongside its next-generation platform-mate, the 2016 Toyota Hilux. Based on those spy shots, others have created these artist’s renderings of what the new models could look like.


While the 2016 Fortuner will clearly be the more flamboyant of the two, with its Yaris-derived styling cues, at least some of the elements seen here may be wishful thinking and remains to be seen how the final turns out.


The 2016 Hilux seems to be going for a more conservative look, bordering on unattractive even, but then again, it is a commercial vehicle with a Toyota badge, so it doesn’t need to do too much to sell, and should retain its title as one of the top-selling vehicles in Saudi Arabia and UAE.


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  1. Theres nothing great with this image.No hardwork just Photo shopped on the existing design of the new Ford Endeavor.

  2. .. looks like a tall IS 350 on steroids.

  3. Interesting, Just look at last row window bottom finish of new Maxima, Renault kadjar, and now the Fortuner, seems everyone is playing with styling around that area these days.

  4. New Kia Sorento better

  5. Very nice, compared to other Toyota offering, this is very nice, I just hope they will add more inside features to compete against other similar cars, namely Pathfinder, Santa Fe, Sorento, Edge, Traverse…

    Current Fortuner is almost empty from features, no : Blind Sport Detector, All Angels parking assest, lane change departure, active cruise control, 2/3 seat+mirrors memory, Panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled seats, LED DRL… etc.. all it’s competitors include some or all of these features.

    • @Hussain
      Agree, it is very hard to expect something similar to the offerings in the Edge or even the Pathfinder though. If so, it will not come with its full features to the GCC.

  6. As most of you know Toyota Hilux and Fortuner shares the same engines, I’m talking about the 2.7 VVT-I, inline 4 cylinder which is one of the most reliable engine, as my company owned Hilux 2008 4wd odometer readings shows 460000+ kms with original factory engine and transmission still running strong.

    Over the past 7 years of owning it I only had to change 4 sets of brake pads, clutch plates(Stick shift) 2 times, Shock absorbers set once, air filter 2 times, spark plug set 3 times, spiral cable(Steering) 2 times and routine oil with filter changes.
    I just wonder how in the hell the truck still running, as I drive aggressively, who doesn’t care about potholes/speed humps nor afraid of getting truck dirty (Sand, mud or water). Best truck ever, aiming for a million digit or can say 999999.

    • I can show you Nissan Navaras, Ford Rangers, and Mitsubishi L200’s with similar or more mileage figures, and roughly the same maintenance requirements & costs….Pick ups are built to be tough regardless of who the manufacturer is..Even the Chinese brands can hit 300k+ kms without much trouble. There is a Ford Ranger which had 720,000 kms on odo, and still running solid…Owner only had to do regular servicing; replaced the clutch plate twice and shock absorbers once. And nothing has ever failed in it. Thats how pickups should be.

  7. I checked the new kia sorento in the showroom. It was awesome. Very luxurios and upmarket with tons of features 360 camera, blind spot detection, lane departure push button start, auto tailgate, ventilated seats, name it just for 105k. Its a proper 7 seater unlike fortuner

    • Clearly you work at Kia. Go away.

    • Sorento is a different class, essentially a raised station wagon… Fortuner has actual off road ability.

      Also the previous generation of the 2.4L had engine issues, namely poor fuel economy, smell plastic smell that some how made it into the driver;s compartment.

      Korean have improved and offer great value but their engines still are not up the Toyota;s mark.

  8. I agree with the Sorento being a better SUV overall…For me the Fortuner is not really that good for off roading as it claims to be. It just has a higher ground clearance.It is cramped and looks cheap inside out.

  9. very nice

  10. Very nice

  11. The fortuner is a serious off roader (am talking from a real life experience) I tried one in a rally we had the 2.7 and didnt engage the 4wd we were only using 2wd and imagine what? we didnt get stuck even once we drove it for 400 kms off-road in 1 day

  12. I quite like the look of the new Fortuner, however as Hussain, rightly pointed out, it would be good to have some safety features such as blind spot monitor, lane departure warning, curtain and side airbags, all of which come standard in Kia Sorento 2016 model.

    These features should be standard as the target audience is families.

    I was mighty impressed with the fit and finish and specs offered by Kia and believe its the best value for money Crossover in the UAE at the moment.

  13. Please send me the pictures of Toyota Hilux 2016 models and the price. Thank you

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