Honda Civic 2016-2017 production sedan and coupe photos leaked

Honda Civic 2016-2017 production sedan and coupe photos leaked

2016 Honda Civic Sedan 1

This is not exactly a leak, but we doubt Honda wanted them out in public. These are drawings of the next-generation Honda Civic, dug up from patent filings by Honda. Patent filings are kind of like going on record legally so that no one else copies their designs.

2016 Honda Civic Concept (3)

Found by fanboy site CivicX, the production-version drawings show both the sedan and coupe body styles. The sedan seems to have gained in size relative to the current model. The coupe looks almost the same as the concept shown earlier, only more dumbed down for mass production. The coupe unlikely to be offered in the GCC.

Engines for many markets are expected to include a turbo motor, although it remains to be seen if we get that in the UAE and GCC. For now, you can be sure that there is a new Honda Civic sedan on the way, as a 2016 or possibly 2017 model.

Keep track of updates in the Honda buyer guide.

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  1. Well … The drawings’ got the length of an Accord, though …

  2. Still good enough, especially with introduction of turbo motor.

  3. Congrats DA, you have made it to Reddit:

  4. When are new model year Honda’s introduced in Saudi Arabia? And in the UAE?

    Will the 2016 Civic be available in the Fall (September 2015) or in the Winter (December 2015)?


  5. It will be getting only a release date in the US in 2016.
    So expect it to get a GCC launch either as a 2017 or 2018 model.

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