Win a once-in-a-lifetime race experience in Malaysia with Michelin

Win a once-in-a-lifetime race experience in Malaysia with Michelin


For the first time ever, Michelin is offering journalists from this region the unique opportunity of driving real race cars, and testing Michelin’s technical innovations in a safe driving environment, as they participate in the exciting Michelin Pilot Sport Experience 2015, at Sepang International F1 Circuit in Malaysia. While we will be going ourselves, we have the pleasure to offer two of our readers a chance to come with us on this amazing trip-of-a-lifetime! Update: The winners are Sreeprasad Jayaprasad from UAE and Usama Khan from KSA!


Cars included for testing are a Citroen DS3 R1 rally car, a Renault Clio Cup IV touring car, a Formula 4 open-wheel single seater, a Formula Le Mans race car and a Lamborghini Gallardo GT3. A few of these will be passenger hot-laps with a professional racer, but most of them will be available to drive yourselves.

The trip is taking place from August 21st to the 24th, and will include flights, hotel stay, meals and a sightseeing tour of Kuala Lumpur in addition to a full day of racing experiences on and off the track.

To participate, all you have to do is write in the Comments box below:

  • Tell us what the original French name of the Michelin Man is (which is mentioned on our site somewhere).
  • Tell us, in 60-100 words, why you deserve to go on this trip.
  • Write your real full name, phone number and country of residence at the bottom of your comment.

That’s it. Your comment will not appear publicly, so don’t post multiple times. Use your real email address. Comments will be made public only after the contest has ended (without your real name, email and phone number displayed). Not following the rules will lead to disqualification.

The last date for entries is July 1. Only participate if you are sure you can join us on August 21st to 24th and have a valid driver’s licence, you don’t have a high blood pressure or any other medical conditions, and you have a passport with minimum 6 months of validity. Open to all GCC residents of any nationality.

Update: The winners are Sreeprasad Jayaprasad from UAE and Usama Khan from KSA!


  1. *This is a sample comment. Your comment won’t appear in public but we can see it.*

    Michelin Man: Pakalu (wrong, by the way!)

    I would love to go on this trip because cars have been my passion for the last 3 months and it has been my dream in life to see a Proton. Any Proton will do….etc. (60-100 words)

    Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury, 00971508888888, UAE

  2. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I am the first of those two readers who will come with you on this trip because I read every single story you post here and in those days you don’t post any stories, I checkout your reviews and price info. In short I use drivearabia more than Facebook. I login to fb once in a week or so but DA twice a day. As to Michelin, my x5 ride on them and will never change to another brand. So, see you at Duabi T3 to go to KL on 21 Aug. One thing I love about KL is cheap movie tickets there, less than half of Dxb.

    Muhammed, UAE

  3. Michelin man: Bibendum

    Never been to KL, because I try to save money for my kids. However I am a true petrolhead and would LOVE to HAVR this once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Mohammad, UAE

  4. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    It gives an amateur like me immense joy to be around at a racetrack and learn all I can how tyres play a major role in motor sports. The feel of experiencing a track day is something I’ve been longing all my life but I’ve only once managed to sneak into a pit lane. For me this trip, will be the most special moment of my life and feel greatly humbled to be among the best auto journalists and drivers and to be a part of this entire experience in Malaysia.

    Terence Dubai UAE

  5. Michelin Man: Bibendum
    I would love to be a part of the trip because driving around a real F1 circuit is what dreams are made of. The closest I have come is the Dubai Autodrome track but would love to have a drive along with some wonderful automobile journalists and hang out with you and the team. For me this would be the trip of a lifetime something I would proudly tell my grand children about.

    Fouad. UAE

  6. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I had a dream, driving racing cars, being famous, a career, one race at a time. And then life happened. So, I took the next best thing. My whole life I sold cars and spoke about cars. But I have never had the chance to drive such lovely cars mentioned on such a lovely track. It would be an experience of a lifetime, the realization of life. The fulfilment of a dream.


  7. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I would like to go on this trip as it is my dream to drive on a track. Cars have been my passion since I was a kid. And speed excites me but my consciousness never let me do it on the road.

    If I win this trip, I will be at least 1% closer to a real racer than where I am right know. The sight seeing and fully covered trip is a bonus.

    Abbin, United Arab Emirates

  8. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I have always had a passion for cars from a very young age, I am a gear head and I have always dreamed of owning a super car (Aventador is number one on my list). I am just waiting to get rich and someday when I do, I will fulfill my dream. My favorite formula 1 driver was Ayrton Senna and he is the motivation behind my driving enthusiasm. So for the mean time I will be extremely happy to have this race experience and I would love to go on this trip, please fulfill my dream! 😀

    Osama, UAE

  9. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I have been planning a long time to go to Malaysia to click selfies with long lost friends at the Kuala Lumpur bird park and at the top of the Petronas Towers. All that, and the opportunity to motor crazy cars around Sepang will be a once in a life time experience for a car enthusiast! The trip will also give me an opportunity to test Michelin tires to their limits, get to learn more about them and help me make better buying decisions in the future.

    Usama, KSA

  10. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    At the age of 6 years, I have been lost in the Abu Dhabi automobiles show, later that avening they found me under a porsche wondering how wide are her tiers:) this is how i started my passion with cars.
    Winning this trip will be one of the best things that could happen to me.

    Sami, UAE

  11. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I would really like to go on this trip becasue for me it will be the first time I will be travelling to the East and test driving the sports cars for the first time ever. I would take my brother along with me and if I win I hope that this will one of the unforgettable moments of my life.

    Dubai, UAE

  12. Name of michelin man is bibendum (Article Published on 10th Nov 2014 History of the Michelin Man)

    in plain words i am a secret viewer of your website and i had alot of plans sketched out in my mind to help you modify your website.
    1. add links to test drives of current models on your website for respective regions
    2. i am good at management and total jack of all trades.
    3. i am a dentist its good to be friends with one.

    i am from pakistan and visit uae and oman regularly.

  13. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I have been a total mental car guy ever since I know it. At the age of 14, I learned how to drive a manual car by myself while sneaking out in my grandfather’s car. I spend my free time washing and waxing my car or either stick my head up under the hood and try to figure out the amount of horsepower I would gain if I cleaned up the throttle body. I take pride in explaining to people why a Perodua is actually all Japanese underneath whereas just because you see an AMG badge on a Merc does not make it an actual AMG.
    I have always wanted to be a part of the automobile industry but due to the limited resources in motorsport, in Saudi Arabia, I have never had the experience of track driving. It would truly be an absolute pleasure and a dream come true if I am selected to accompany you on the Michelin Pilot Sport experience.

    My name is Muhammad Hisham Masood. I am from Islamabad, Pakistan and have been living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia all my life. I am, currently in my final year, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Malaysia. I hold a valid Saudi driving license as well as an International driving license.

  14. the original French name of the Michelin Man is “Nunc est bibendum” better known as Bibendum
    I deserve to go on this trip because I always talk cars, and breathe cars, every curve and roundabout in my daily commute is a part of a race track in my imagination! when I am home or at the mall I always follow a race line while walking or pushing the shopping cart, finally I have been countless times to jebel hafeet and jais to get some relief of the flat roads in Dubai, in short you may go for the sightseeing in anywhere in the world but I go for the drive .
    Tammam, UAE

    cheers drive arabia for this opportunity

  15. Michelin Man : Bibendum

    The reason why i want to go on this trip is because i have loved racing from a very young age. Im an avid F1 fan and always have had a desire to drive a single seater racer and experience a track day in all its sweaty glory. Also im a huge lamborghini fan and would also love love love to sit in and drive a Gallardo and as its a GT3 its even better as I can get a full racing cockpit.I love the adrenaline rush from racing and im very competitive when it comes to being on the edge to win. Ive karted once in my life and have yet to experience a similar rush that i got from racing on the track there. Please take mee 😀

    Adil UAE

  16. Cars have become one part of me since I came to middle east and when I got my license here.I see this trip as opportunity to turn my hobby into profession. I have been to go karting couple of times that has really helped me to develop my skills on track.


  17. Michelin man: bibendum

    If i am going to win this contest, i will be thankful to God that they bless this awesome people to give chance to people such as myself to experience in real life one of my beloved sports, racing. I will stare at the cars in awe and maybe cry in joy when riding such exotic and super racecars! Since childhood, i never stop loving cars, how people race, by the way ayrton senna is my favorite and sebastien loeb, my son’s name is sebastien too because of his achievements! Me and my wife will cherish this moment! Thank you!


  18. Micheline Man: Bibendum

    I deserve to go on this exciting experience because, I have grown up watching these cars on TV and video games. It was my dream to be a rally driver which never came to life. This experience will partly complete my dream and take me back to my childhood memories where I used run around the house with my hotwheels.


  19. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I need to go on this trip because I’ve been an avid car fan since I was born, literally the same day. Getting to drive/sit in a Gallardo GT3 or a Le Mans car would essentially mean that I can die knowing that I’ve lived a fulfilled life. Also I’ve been following your website since the mid 2000’s and therefore I should win purely because of the loyalty factor!

    Kevin, UAE

  20. Michelin Man : bibendum

    I think i should go on this trip for these reasons : i am a big fan of drive Arabia and almost read all the reviews and long term updates plus it is always on my homepage recent as i open it every and each day.
    I am also a motor-head since i was a three years old boy i used to recognize all car brands and makers
    Added to that both my cars ( here in Saudi Arabia & back in Egypt ) are running on Michelin tires in all four corners.
    More over i would like to visit Malaysia as i didn’t go before.

    Kariem Ahmed , KSA

  21. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I would love to attend this event as i am fond of cars and racing but my weight prevented me previously to do so (i was almost 180 kg) but as i got a surgery and a diet and losing more than 70 kgs (now 107 kgs and going down) i would like to fulfil one of my dreams.

    Walid, KSA

  22. Michelin man: Bibendum
    I would love to go on this Trip, because i consider motorsport as an adrenaline filled sport which requires a lot of skill, passion, focus etc..And when under supervision is one of the safest and best.
    Name:- Shaikh

  23. Michelin man is BIBENDUM.
    A better way forward for me would be to have once the opportunity to seat in a race car and test how to deal with a full cup of adrenalin on a circuit, off course under safe driving conditions.
    Cars have always been my passion; my longest and loviest driving experience was at the steering wheel of a Citroën 2cv6 (28 real HP !!)

  24. Original Name: Bibendum

    As a car fanatic, this trip is surreal. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime thing and I would love to be a part of it. I live in a city where fast cars roam the streets daily. Sad reality in my point is that I never got to drive one of them. As I see them pass by, I wish to be in one of them, to feel the vibration of the engine while cruising down the highway. To drive such cars would simply be amazing which is why I hope to be the lucky winner for this contest.

    Scott || United Arab Emirates

  25. Michelin Man : Bibendum

    The reason i would love to go on this trip is because first of all i have always wanted to try the german engineered GT3


  26. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I would like to join this trip as driving and cars are always my thrill and passion, i would say its a part of my life. The roaring voice of a sports car passing by makes me jealous always. I have long plan to by a muscle/sports car which is not happened yet, before buying that i am gonna get a once in a lifetime chance, i would be really lucky!hoooo!


  27. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    It has always been my dream to visit a racing track, let alone drive on one. I think it would also be a nice graduation gift for me -I graduated from university a week ago- and to fulfill a life-long dream. In addition to cars being my only passion and me being a huge fan of formula one (F1) as well and Le Mans races. I would owe you one for this opportunity. Thanks.

    Omar, UAE.

  28. 1) Michelin Man is called Bibendum in french.

    2) I would be passionately elated to go for this trip. My dad had a W124 back in the day which I would drive on his lap. Even had my room with walls covered by lots of cars fitted together like a Jigsaw puzzle of pictures from random magazines, never purchased.

    I enjoyed Midtown Madness indifferently like a sane person.

    Today, with an overwhelming majority of the regular people who have ‘Auto Gear’ written behind their licenses, I haven’t. Also an experienced Go-Karter with 6 Hour Endurance races and Iron Man Series, you can be sure, I can handle it.

    Ahmad, UAE

  29. Michelin man : Bibendum

    It’s has always been a dream for a car ethusiast like me since birth to experience this type of event. But life gave me a different path where I am working for a steel industry and everyday I seek for an opportunity to spend time with cars and pray I end up with one . Also I am a strong believer of the brand Michelin itself and have done deep research in your Tyres as much as I do for cars , the technology that goes into high performance car like the Porsche 911 GT3’s Tyres ( CUP) and I personally use Pilot Super Sport by Michelin. I hope luck favors me this time.

    Mohamed Ismail S A,
    Abu Dhabi UAE

  30. – Bibendum / Bib / Bibelobis

    -Thirst of cars
    -Born with car grease
    -Adrenaline is good for me
    -Been couple of years for without a break
    -The piggy bank is never enough
    -Need to frame a picture of me with a worthy background
    -Need to try the auto-reply, “out of office” email.
    -Ever missed the sea breeze, me too, I miss the smell of cars and burning tires.
    -I remember the registration dates of my cars but it’s always difficult to remember my kid’s birthday

    Basem Dubai, U.A.E

  31. Bibendum was the original french name commonly referred to as the Michelin Man.

    I was born and raised in the UAE . I was a petrolhead by birth and racer by choice. Usually i race in closed circuits with permissions or desert areas.

    As a petrol-head i do Motography in my past time( Car Photography )and filming for automotive.

    The feel of adrenaline rushing through my veins gives me the ultimate pleasure and happiness . The very feeling of risk I use to forget my tensions and stress and to divert them to a bigger cause . To me what matters more than winning the race would be the techniques used .

    A chance to this trip and testing Michelin’s technical innovations would help me better understand everything that happens during a F1 race and also acquire information regarding the sport .

    May the best candidate win and thankyou for taking time to read my application


  32. Michelin Man: Bibendum.

    I am a huge fan of Niki Lauda(greatest F1 driver) I want to experience the same level of passion he had. I also love tuned vehicles and I am a Amateur drifter. In short, I am a true Pistonhead.

    Pranav – Ajman- UAE

  33. Michelin man : Bibendum
    Driving a real race car is my biggest dream in my life,I am regular viewer of dubai autodrome races.but I never get a chance .if MICHELIN is giving me a chance I will be thankful and my dream will be fulfilled.


  34. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I would love to go to this trip because i like sports cars, i want to experience to race and drive on race tracks, i never test driven any sports car in my life, it’s my dream to travel/drive in sports car like Lamborghini Gallardo and i never been to Malaysia or any other country except GCC, so this would be great chance for me to experience all at once and be part of great team with Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury & DriveArabia. Hope my dream come true for first time, i have been tried many times in different contests but never won any such amazing chance to travel and experience beautiful country and fantastic cars. Wish to see them for real and part of DriveArabia Team. i would like to thank Michelin and DriveArabia for providing such a great opportunity for ordinary people like me to participate.

    Ahmed, Country of residence: UAE.

  35. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    Since young, motorsports has been my greatest passion, and to this day, most of my time is spent day dreaming about cars and racing. This opportunity would nothing short of amazing, to be able to drive such cars on a track, with professional guidance.

    Kamui, UAE

  36. Michelin Man : bibendum

    I deserve to go in this trip because I love driving and am very passionate about cars . I working in automobile dealership as road tester always keen to know about new cars and technology.
    you know another reason why I deserve to come in this trip might sound absurd the Michelin tyre company was founded on the date 28th may which actually is my birth date too .


  37. Michellin man: Bibendum

    Malaysia has been a home to me for the 3years I’ve done my college, but during those years I never really had the chance to acquire my driving license and drive around those perfect roads cause my age didn’t permit me. It would be a great opportunity for me to go back to Malay land once again once again and breathe in the Malaysian air after 2years away, but this time doing a burn out in a proton, naza or kanchil around sepang circuit!

    Terimah Kasih!

    Ron U.A.E

  38. Bibendum – Michelin Man

    Ive been working in Abu Dhabi F1 GP since 2010 to gain experience when I was in high school. I’ve been following the Grand Prix ever since and have always wanted to ride a Formula 1 car. It is my dream and you guys can make it come true.

  39. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    There are only a few words that describe a mans passion for speed, cars and everything machine; i’ll try and put mine down. Being a huge petrol head from the teen years, my love has transcended into starting up our own car community for the like minded in UAE; the only one where you are not restricted by car make or charged for your participation. (Gumball 7)

    I love spending my time on the Autodrome tracks and take up any chance to either go for a track day or karting. The precision of the engine build, the response of the throttle and the “weight reduction bro” has taken over my life when it comes to making a purchase or maintaining my own car (Mustang, yeah I’m a sucker for american muscle). Being a petrol head has given me a whole new level of happiness and a chance to drive a F1 car would be the best thing this decade (Unless you guys put me in touch with Sir Jensen Button, Clarkson or Hammond).

    Rahul, UAE

  40. Michelin Man: Bibendum
    I always wanted to be part of motorsports, from volunteering at the track by just washing wheels, sweeping or even make the tea to marshalling at F1 and Red Bull car part drift to get up close to the action. Always wanted to be a race drive, beating my friends by significant margin and minor records at karting are my biggest joy but never really got the cut. This is as close at it will get for me. Motorhead, speed, noise, smell, colourful race track with professionals…. “I’d like to be there..!”
    Jahanzeb, KSA

  41. CARS….This 4 Letter word has been always exciting for me since childhood. There has not been a single day in which I didn’t surfed the updates from website. I like to keep myself updated with all latest cars their upgrades, specs., models, etc. Anything related to CARS pumps up my adrenaline. And being an expat here in UAE since past 7 years and have changed 6 Cars…almost with the frequency of changing car each year….so anyone can guess the madness and craziness which I possess for these amazing machines and have already set my eyes for the 7th car in this year. Well this was my passion for cars till now and to get a chance for an amazing race experience in Malaysia….it would be like a dream come true. With traffic rules & limits in UAE, actually we cannot test the car’s capacity to its fullest and truely we can feel their roar only on a race track. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope to get lucky and win with DriveArabia & Michelin Arabia – Naimesh (AbuDhabi-UAE)

  42. Michelin Man: Nunc est bibendum or just Bibendum

    Every child has a poster of a red Ferrari above his bed, growing up dreaming to drive his childhood dream car. I myself, my passion has never stopped growing since my first die-cast metal model car. Cars weren’t only fancy shaped metals that go fast for me, there was much more emotions attached to them. From their start as a concept in someones mind, a dream that was evolved into reality via art and engineering, to create a machine that delivers an emotional experience no other machine can just by spinning some rubber on a tarmac. I would love to go on this trip as it will let me enjoy a racing experience that I have been dreaming for since I was a child.

    FYI, I have built and designed a car from the ground up and was featured on your website under “The Eco-Stallion” but for funding problems, my team and I didn’t manage to take the car to the KL Circuit. Winning this would be a delight!

    Omar, UAE

  43. Michelin Man’s french name is Bibendum.

    I would like to go on this trip because, I have always lived my life a race-lap at a time, dashing through the straights as I shove the right pedal, and pushing through the corners as I fight the grip, never letting the adrenaline rush cease even for as long as a blink of an eye. I would rather live life on the farthest of its edges, exploring it to the fullest, than forcefully existing in the last lane with fear of setbacks, like all great men did… like Michelin still does…

    Sreeprasad Jayaprasad

  44. Michelin Man: Bibendum.

    Done some illegal amateur street racing and tuning due to my passion.
    Would love to have it the legal way.

    Hassan, UAE

  45. Michelin Man: Bibendum
    The world of motor sport has always fascinated me since 1998 when I bought my first local car magazine I was hocked up to this awesome world. I have played all the racing video games that gives the feeling that your behind the wheel of a racing car in a race track.
    It would be a dream came true if I won this competition and I get to drive in an official race track in Malaysia with pro drives and cars I dream to own. I hop to see you in Malaysia.

    Mohammed Saeed, KSA

  46. Michelin Man: Nunc est Bibendum

    I have been a die hard racing fan (everything from group B and C to F1) all my life and have always wanted to try some amateur racing but it’s been financially inaccessible. This would be the closest thing as it’s been a dream to drive a proper race spec car in any form. It would be awesome getting behind the wheel of any of these race prepped cars at a circuit like Sepang where I’ve watched Grand Prix’s for as long as I can remember.

    Varun, UAE

  47. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    I’m a car fanatic from my childhood and being in UAE from Childhood, you see the all kind of cars in the world, the sexiest and toughest cars in the world. I love Driving. I don’t get tired on the wheels, I just love the engine roars of my cars, driving has been venturing for me. I’m an expert in family & social group. I’m there consultant , Car Doctor for any trouble. Die Cast cars fill my home, that’s how crazy about them.

    My cars wheel on Michelin Energy and Michelin Primacy, they are responsive tires for the demand of a beastly acceleration.

    I assure i’m the Guy to be on board with your team to Michelin Pilot Sport Experience 2015, at Sepang International F1 Circuit in Malaysia

    Rawthar, UAE

  48. Michelin Man:Bibendum
    i would like to go on this trip because cars and driving has been my life for over past 10 years.
    And one of my biggest dream is to drive on a racing track.
    Country : United Arab Emirates.

  49. Michelin Man: Bibendum or “Bonhomme Michelin” (in French)

    My passion for cars started before I was able to walk.
    During my studies in France, I was continuously surrounded by all kind of Motors which keep high my adrenaline level; from a 2008 Renault Clio RS, all versions of BMW X3, Yamaha Fazer, passing by Geneva Motor Show, first French automobile museum “Henri Malarte”, 24H Endurance Dubai, and finishing with the limited production Venturi 260 Atlantique, manual gearbox 2.0 Turbo Nissan Juke or 101-HP Can-Am Maverick 1000R.

    Most of the cars which I drove during last 11 years, was fitted with Michelin tyres for many reasons: safety, grip, comfort, tyre wear, progressiveness and performance.
    Each time when I must to change my old tyres, I keep in mind the safety which a tyre will offer to me and my family and not the price!

    The best souvenir about Michelin was during a trip to Chamonix Mont Blanc from Clermont-Ferrand on 2006 Porsche 997 Turbo, with brand-new just-fitted Michelin Pilot Sport tyres. The French police stop us for speeding on highway and long time was complaining about the thickness of tyre tread. No comments 🙂 .

    On the top of all, mine once-in-a-lifetime 30 years anniversary in few days, will be the best once-in-a-lifetime gift what I can expect ever.

    Good luck to all participants!

    Contact: Alexandru, UAE,
    (European driving license since 2003, in perfect health conditions)

  50. Michelin Man : Bibendum (or Bib for short).

    I would love to go on this trip because i have a desire for cars ever since i can remember. Buying all the car toys as a kid, and those countless hours in Gran Turismo I spend. I attended every car show and expo since I was a kid. I bugged my parents to take me, and after constant troubling and crying; they would finally take me. My family has no interest in cars, so exploring my passion was difficult for me. I am studying Mechanical Engineering just because I can stay close to cars and work on them. I prefer attacking corners and therefore have been to a few karting events and even a track day with my own car; a Toyota GT86. My love for Automotive Technology will never die. Attending this event will be a dream come true for me.

    Adil, UAE

  51. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    Since the beginning, cars have been my passion. I was super excited about getting a license as soon as I turned 18 and its been 5 years since I started driving on the roads of Dubai. Driving in a race track has always been my dream as our beloved radars never let us enjoy speed or thrill. This experience would mean a lot to me and I would be super grateful to the best Automobile portal of UAE. Driving some of the fastest cars with the smell of burning rubber would be the best adrenaline rush ever.

    Rahul , UAE

  52. 1- Michelin Man: Bibendum.
    2- I deserve to go on this trip because I work for this exceptionally performant & respective company for more than 6 years now. And even if my actual position is not directly linked to the competition tyres, I would love one day to have the chance to realise an old dream: being F1 pilot.
    I think this could be a life time experience, and I really motivated to be part of it.

    Ahmed – UAE.

  53. Michelin Man: Bibendum
    I would love to go to this trip because car and driving has been my love for past 10 years…
    I would very much die to go for this trip!!!
    Country: United Arab Emirates

  54. The name of Michelin man is Bibendum.Michelin has been a great and reliable brand of tyres. It has been the top quality brand in the world. I want to experience premium driving pleasure on the race track.It will be a great once in a lifetime experience for me if I win.

    Thanks and Regards,

  55. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    Since I bought my first local car magazine in 1998 I was fascinated by the world of motor sport. I’ve played every racing game that gives you the feeling that you’re behind the wheel of a racing car on a race track. It would be a dream come true if I win the competition and get the chance to drive next to pro drivers and sit in real race cars in Sepang International F1 Circuit in Malaysia.Hop to see you in Malaysia soon.

    Mohammed Saeed, KSA

  56. Michelin Man: Bibendum.

    I deserve to go on this trip obviously because of the love for cars and speed but also the fact that I have been driving for 9 years now (I’m 22). I was taught to use a stick back in India and I think it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. The love for driving has never gone down, no matter what the car is. The dream was to get into NASCAR then, but things just didn’t flow along (Yes, I was a stupid kid).

    Thank You for the opportunity.


  57. Michelin Man : Bibendum

    I want to go to this trip because I love driving cars real race car , and I hope this trip will be my first to taste what it feels like to drive in real car aside from virtual experience in games and movies and also learn more about racing and get the information on the field itself ( practical ). Also it will be very great to see how Michelin improved in terms of safety and practically and why they should be number in the world.


  58. Michelin Man : Bibendum

    I would love to go on this trip as this will allow me to firstly visit Malaysia (which I have been planning for almost a year) and secondly would allow me to unleash my inner driving demon on a track (hint, I recently bought the new 2015 Dodge Charger SRT 392).

    Hasham, Saudi Arabia.

  59. Mash, I didn’t receive any email about the confirmation that my comment was posted. Should I be worried and post it again?

    • There won’t necessarily be any confirmation, but I don’t see your entry comment either, so you may want to try again if you didn’t see it get posted.

    • I posted it again, but after I clicked the “Submit” button, my comment did not appear as a blurred entry like my first comment. Maybe it’s too long? Is there a word count limit on the comment box?

    • Got it. Was flagged as spam.

  60. Michelin Man: Bibendum

    Hi! I am a 21 year old college student that is very passionate about cars. Ever since I was a kid, one of my hobbies (if you can consider it as a hobby) was to imitate car sounds (I can even change the tone if its a V8 or a straigh-4! lol) while imagining driving around on some world famous racetracks that I used to watch on some old Japanese videos: “The Best Motoring and Hot Version” – Keichi Tsuchiya tearing up the Tsukuba and the Gunsai Touge. For about 4 years (2006 to 2010), I lived in Abu Dhabi where I finished my highschool and that was the time when I first encountered the Drivearabia website- back in your old Jeep, Mercedes and Supra days. Great stuff! Although I rarely post comments – my last one must be from years ago. I then transferred back to my home country for college (2010) as colleges in UAE are so expensive! I still visit UAE from time to time though as my father still works there, my last visit was last April 2015. I started to learn to drive at the age of 16 – very eager to learn it as when I was a kid, my dad used to always bring me for a joyride and I would constantly watch him, imitating his movements as he drive his old stick-shift ’95 Lancer which he eventually sold when he went to Abu Dhabi for work (around 2002). By the age of 17, I finally got my driver’s license (17 is the legal minimum age to drive in my country). I may not have any racing experience (I only drive a small 2.0 litre Honda CRV which my dad gave to me) but I am very enthusiastic about seeing, riding, or even driving cars on a race track, just hearing the engines rev loudly and tires screeching make my heart pump! It is my ultimate dream to become a professional racing driver but unfortunately it is not feasible due to some real life circumstances. I am now pursuing much more realistic life goals instead, through college. This trip to Malaysia to ride and drive(!!!) race cars is probably the closest I can get to my ultimate dream. Lastly, my birthday is on August 25! It is definitely a treat if I win! I hope I can bring my father with me too if ever I win this as he also a keen Drivearabia fan and definitely a car lover too (maybe not an all-expenses paid for him but maybe we can work something out haha!)

    I’m sorry if this post is too long, exceeding 100 words as I figured that I can’t really express my want to win this with just 100 words. I hope I still qualify even though I am not a UAE resident anymore – I will go to UAE if ever I need to be there for this to work. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my long post. Have a nice day!

    I will provide two contact number, just in case you require a contact there in UAE:

    Ivan, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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