2016 Honda Accord revealed in United States

2016 Honda Accord revealed in United States

2016 Honda Accord 1

A facelifted version of the Honda Accord was revealed in the United States as a 2016 model. The ninth-generation Accord gets minor changes in the inside and outside.

The main upgrade to the interior is the new infotainment system with a 7-inch display, which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The cockpit will still have the two-screen setup. A larger 7.7-inch screen is placed above the audio display screen and there are steering-wheel mounted controls to access information such as audio, rear-view or side-view cameras.

2016 Honda Accord 4

The 2016 Accord has a slightly updated front fascia. The exterior also gets new LED taillamps and the the higher-spec models get LED headlamps. A new larger 19-inch wheel option is now a available for the higher models.

The engines remain the same, which include the 2.4-litre 4-cylinder and the 3.5-litre V6 units.

Honda Middle East replaced the American Accord with the Chinese version for the GCC last year, so it is unclear if this one will come to our market.

Keep track of the latest UAE, Saudi Arabia & GCC prices and updates in the Honda Accord buyer guide.

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  1. much like its sister acura. If a country has both honda and acura, it would affect acura tlx’s sale as this honda is cheaper than its sister.

    • But comes with less options. And maybe some Accord users (like me) are keen on paying more to have more optional features, especially in GCC where Accord have been made naked from many of the cool features, such as lane keeping, active cruise control, voice commands, Siri, collision warning, etc…

      Also, the Acura line offers 4WS and 4WD.

  2. …. finally …

  3. Not bad, I like it. Honda adopting the Acura Signature look. The tech is awesome, looking forward to seeing it on the roads.

  4. my sympathies are with accord lovers and owners

  5. from what i can see online, the chinese ones will be called Honda Accord Spirior. and the designs are encouraging.

    • This is the opposite in fact. It;s not the Chinese ones called spirior, it’s the Spirior that’s made in China.

      Spirior is made for China market and maybe Europe.

      Accord for GCC comes now from China since 2015, but has the US specs.

  6. Bigger wheels = Harsher ride

    • It’s the opposite, but finally depends on the aspect ratio, which is only a ratio and not a number. So, it’s not because, from one tyre diameter to another, the middle number of the chain 95/45/18 is smaller that the ride is less comfy. It’s indeed the opposite, because the tyre as a role of absorber.

      But finally, it all comes down to this RATIO.

  7. We receive models coming from China, which would make it cheaper to manufacture, but somehow the cost savings aren’t passed on to the customer. That’s the Dealer for you!

  8. I know it will sell but come on man. Nice blend of Merck and Civic. RIP Honda

    • Honda isn’t dead. You’re being hard here. Civic Type-R, NSX and S200 replacer in the pipe. I think that Honda was dead (as you said, pursuing higer sales and becoming very tasteless), but now coming back. Can’t wait to see the next Honda.

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