Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo breaks cover at Frankfurt

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo breaks cover at Frankfurt

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Multitudes of leaked images, teasers and speculations later, Bugatti has taken the wraps off what could very well be the successor to the Veyron. Dubbed as the ‘Vision Gran Turismo’, the car was officially unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show this week.

In terms of design, it looks nothing like its predecessor. The indented LED-headlights and aggressive front splitter craft the car’s menacing front fascia, while the ultramodern rear gets futuristic rear spoiler, which looks attached to the rear section and the gigantic diffuser.

As the name stipulates, the car is exclusive to the PlayStation simulation game- Gran Turismo 6. But Bugatti say that the design and the technical specifications are all “realistic”. So the aggressive hyper-car should carry on cues from this very concept when put into production.

There’s no word on the engine yet, except that it will be a W16. However, the exact details should be available in the game’s car-details section soon. We’re also told that the car will hit speeds excess of 400 kph.

The car’s interior is certainly futuristic, with its formula-1 styled steering and a minimalistic light-sensitive centre console with an integrated GPS. The interior however, is cladded in suade and leather, and there are two convex displays designed to improve readability.  The steering wheel display shows vehicle information, while the steering column display “combines the images from the three cameras mounted on the exterior of the vehicle to provide the driver with a better overview for an even safer driving experience”.

It seems Bugatti is certainly far away from giving us the final production variant of the Veyron’s successor.

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  1. Is it the next French LM-P1?

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