Hyundai announces separate Genesis brand for 2016

Hyundai announces separate Genesis brand for 2016


While it was obvious that they should’ve done it from the beginning, Hyundai has just announced that Genesis will now become a separate luxury brand.

Catering to “new luxury” customers, whatever that means, Hyundai says it will compete with the world’s top luxury carmakers, and the first of six new models will debut this December itself, with the last one debuting by 2020.

Aside from a new logo, the brand’s designs will be overseen by Luc Donckerwolke, a designer poached from the VW group who has worked on Audi, Lamborghini, Seat and Skoda models.

The new models will have a naming system starting with G, such as G90, G80, etc. And look how well that went for Infiniti.

Initially on sale in Korean, Chinese, North American and Middle Eastern markets, the Genesis brand will expand to Europe and other parts of Asia later on.

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  1. The Infiniti had one car name with G, others where M, etc etc, Genesis will have one letter for all cars, which the Infiniti did after long mess of letters

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