2016 Toyota Prius set to go on sale in the UAE & GCC

2016 Toyota Prius set to go on sale in the UAE & GCC


Toyota revealed the all-new Prius at the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show. The fourth-generation Prius is set to go on sale in the GCC region for the first time.

The Prius retains its 1.8-litre VVT-i equipped Atkinson cycle petrol engine, but has been completely re-engineered for 2016. Key components of the hybrid system are now smaller and lighter, thereby improving fuel efficiency.

It comes with a number of new improvements such as a chassis that is now 60% more rigid than the outgoing model, while a lower centre of gravity is due to the powertrain now placed lower.

Interior cabin space and trunk capacity has improved because the new model is 60 mm longer, 15 mm wider and 20 mm lower than its predecessor. It also gets a new front suspension and rear double wishbone suspension to improve ride quality.

The new Prius has a host of safety equipment which include systems like lane departure alert, pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control and automatic high beam.

It remains to be seen what it’s priced at, but we estimate it needs to be below Dhs 120,000 to have any chance of selling well in the UAE.

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  1. I would rather walk, much better than being seen in this thing

  2. Known that Prius is 40% more expensive than matched gasoline car, you will need to drive your Prius for 65,000 City miles to pay for that extra 40% price gap. Not to forget this estimation is based on gasoline price of 4$ per gallon which is as dubbed as UAE prices.

    In short,if you think that Prius will save your money…. Please think again.

  3. Also, it’s good for the environment.

  4. I would buy this if it sells for 10K

  5. I owned Prius three 2010 for 3 years in Jordan, the performance of the car in Winter better than summer, Also we save energy in the Battery when are driving Down which will be used for driving UP, All UAE Are flat Area so you will not get any Benefit from This, So i expect the fuel efficiency will not be much better than Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elentra. Also the Maint. of these Hybrid cars completely different form Normal Cars which unknown to all including Agency, So i think only customers whom like to take risk will buy it if it was not expense( less than 100 kAED).
    Good luck to all

  6. I live in doha qater plz I need toyota prius car

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