AMG Sport nameplate shelved in favour of Mercedes-AMG

AMG Sport nameplate shelved in favour of Mercedes-AMG

2015 Mercedes Benz C450

Mercedes-Benz is killing off its ‘AMG Sport’ brand in favor of ‘Mercedes-AMG’, in an effort to standardise the AMG-lineup and reduce confusion among buyers.

The AMG Sport line-up was initially set to bridge the wide gap between standard Mercedes-Benz vehicles such as the C200 and pricier special models such as the C63 AMG. The resulting C450 AMG Sport came with a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine, alongside upgraded brakes, suspension and sportier exhaust.

The current range of AMG Sport models includes the C450 and the GLE450 AMG Sport. These vehicles will be rebadged as the Mercedes-AMG C43 and GLE43. A Mercedes-AMG E43 is expected to follow later this year. It is unclear what will happen to the AMG Line models, which were basically AMG-style body kits and wheels for any non-AMG model, but we suspect the kits will still be offered.

The name change should take effect sometime this year and should also end the confusion surrounding cars utilising the same 3.0-litre V6, such as the SL400 and the Mercedes-AMG SLC43.

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  1. Wasn’t AMG Sport the name given to a body kit without the custom made engine?

  2. So the 3.0 V6 in entry level or mid level Mercs will be a 43 AMG while the higher end cars such as S and SL keep the 400/450 designation for the same engine? Weird but makes sense since the new G500 also has the AMG 4.0 but without the nomenclature like the new C63 and GT-S which share the same engine. I wish naming schemes made more sense these days but it’s all irrelevant to non-car-guys who comprise the bulk of customers for such cars.

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