So we got a 2016 Jaguar XF 35t R-Sport

So we got a 2016 Jaguar XF 35t R-Sport

2016 Jaguar XF R-Sport in the UAE

The Jaguar XF is quite possibly the most physically-attractive midsize luxo-sedan in recent times, without quite delving into the realm of those “four-door coupe” thingies. But it was compromised in its functionality as a, you know, midsize luxo-sedan due to that same attractive styling. Jaguar has now addressed it with their all-new-from-the-ground-up XF.

2016 Jaguar XF R-Sport in the UAE 3

This here is the XF 35t R-Sport. We’re not quite familiar with Jaguar’s new naming convention, but apparently there is an XF S model above this one, with 380 hp. Our 340 hp R-Sport looks pretty much like the S though, which is to say, retaining that unique Jaguar front-end but going more conservative on the rest of the car.

2016 Jaguar XF R-Sport in the UAE 4

The new look was necessary to improve cabin space, because the old one’s sharper roofline was killing rear space. This new one feels more spacious than the BMW 5-Series and most other rivals now, even while the rear a/c unit limits use of the middle-rear seat.

The cabin design has changed as well, still clean and simple but managing to look less dated than before.

The drive remains Jaguar’s forte, better than before thanks to an all-new aluminium platform. More on that in the full review.

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  1. Everything is fine except the freaking GEARBOX!!!!

  2. That boot is smaller for that pram than the 2016 Maxima 😉

  3. I think the only draw back in this car is its very old infotainment system

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