UAE to get new fuel-efficiency rating system for cars

UAE to get new fuel-efficiency rating system for cars


All vehicles from the 2017 model-year entering the UAE will be rated according to their fuel-efficiency levels, according to the Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (ESMA). All manufacturers and importers has already been informed about the new rating system.

According to Gulf News, all vehicles will be categorised according to six rating levels — Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average, Poor and Very Poor. The more efficient the vehicle, the higher the rating will be.

This is part of the efforts by ESMA to improve the environment and promote eco-friendly vehicles, while also giving consumers a better idea of how fuel-efficient their choice of car is before they purchase it. They also hope it will be added motivation for manufacturers to offer more fuel-efficient cars.

Passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles with a maximum weight of 3,500 kg will be the first to get the labels, which will be installed in the rear left-hand-side window of the vehicles by the manufacturer. The labels look similar to the ones already found on refrigerators and air-conditioners in the UAE. The next stage will see heavy vehicles coming under review with a different set of ratings.

We believe this system is identical to the “SASO” ratings already in place at Saudi Arabia dealerships, following GSO standards, and will soon be implemented GCC-wide. GSO is the regional standardisation body for the GCC, based in Saudi Arabia.

The six rating levels are:

Excellent – 14.70 km/litre or higher
Very good – 14.20 to 14.69 km/litre
Good – 13.60 to 14.19 km/litre
Average – 13.0 to 13.59 km/litre
Poor – 12.50 – 12.99 km/litre
Very Poor – 12.49 km/litre and below


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  1. This is a good move. But I don’t think 12 km/l is very poor – especially on large cars.

  2. We already have such stickers in Saudi Arabia on cars, mine says very poor 😛 SRT 392 Charger 😛

  3. Ahah my 400hp Patrol Y62 gets 5Km/Litre tops!

  4. Would this be a start to charging cars according to their Fuel efficiency? As in, Avg, Poor and very poor cars are charged a fee every month/year?

  5. According to this standard 60-75% vehicles will fall in poor category all V6 and V8 are out of luck here… it should be l/100Km or whatever who cares .. ratings are just marketing reality is different.

  6. Totally agree cayanide.

    l/100km is more obvious.

    Also cars should be classified to segments. you can’t put Hyundai accent and heavy duty Chevy truck in the same class totally unfair.

  7. Its a very good move by the government and the start of eco-education in the UAE. And I do hope they start charging gas guzzling taxes on the consumers here in the UAE. hopefully itll reduce the road ego here.

  8. Honestly L/100km is probably the most uncommon and ridiculous way to measure fuel economy. Km/L and mpg are far better. Atleast it’s easier for people to see how many kilometers or miles they can travel per litre or gallon ( because fuel is paid for per unit).

  9. My car 7.8km/liter so I m not in the list thank god 😛

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