2016 Toyota Fortuner gets TRD Sportivo makeover

2016 Toyota Fortuner gets TRD Sportivo makeover


Last year, Toyota introduced the second-generation model of their Hilux-based SUV, the Fortuner. Now they have released the TRD Sportivo version of the same with “sporty” bodywork in its home market of South-East Asia.

The TRD Sportivo model can be ordered in two different shades of paint, — White Pearl CS and Attitude Black Mica. The white model will have a contrasting black roof. The visual appeal of the car is enhanced by the addition of a restyled bumper, 20-inch TRD gloss black wheels, TRD door sills, chrome TRD muffler and TRD badges.


OIn the inside, the Sportivo comes with a red TRD starter button and matching black/red seat upholstery. The dashboard gets smoked chrome, while the 7-inch touchscreen is carried over from the standard Fortuner which features Toyota’s T-Connect.

The Fortuner will be powered by the same 2.8-litre 1GD-FTV turbo-diesel engine in Thailand, which produces 175 hp of power and 450 Nm of torque, with a paddle-shiftable 6-speed automatic gearbox. The suspension is tweaked to be stiffer in order to make the car more involving to drive. And there are bigger brakes on the TRD when compared to the standard Fortuner.

The new-generation Fortuner was just launched in the UAE as well as other GCC countries, with carryover petrol engines mated to 6-speed automatics. The diesel is generally not offered in our market, but the Sportivo kit may well be offered here in the future.

For prices and specs, visit the Toyota buyer guide.

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  1. I wish we could get diesels here 🙁
    I want to drive a turbo diesel so bad !
    The torque they produce are simply amazing

  2. Salam Mashfique,
    Is there any plan for a detailed review for the new Fortuner (4L engine)?

    • Depends on whether we get the car for test. We already have a first drive story, but no photos to go with it!

  3. Is it me or does this look like they have done a copy and paste job of a Range Rover Sport with the black roof? Even the fender looks ‘angry’ like the RRS and the rear looks very similar to the high back of an RRS.

    Its a pity the interior is so dated and noisy or else it would have been a good contender for RRS wannabe drivers.

  4. looks very similar to the new Mitsu in new eyes..

  5. Good improvement although pricey for what it is. The new Montero Sport offers more features for less money.

  6. can you pls elaborate if ANY version of fortuner..4.0 litre petrol or the diesel come with rear disc brakes here in UAE?

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