Mercedes-AMG E 43 is quickest 2016 E-Class until E 63 shows up

Mercedes-AMG E 43 is quickest 2016 E-Class until E 63 shows up


The E-class has been a significant part of the Mercedes-Benz line-up since its inception in 1993 as a facelifted W124-gen model. The tenth generation of the E-Class was revealed in January at the 2016 Detroit Motor Show. Now, Merc’s in-house tuner, AMG, has revealed the E43 4MATIC, the latest in the company’s line of “entry-level” AMG products that sits below the upcoming AMG E63.

Propelled by a twin-turbo V6, AMG have given the E43 the right amount of firepower, 401 hp and 520 Nm, to produce a 0-100 kph timing of 4.6 seconds. It also gets a retuned sports suspension based on their “Air Body Control” air suspension, and a more direct steering ratio. The E43 produces 34 more hp than the similar C43, while the torque remains the same. The performance-tuned 4MATIC 4-wheel-drive system keeps the vehicle’s handling in check by distributing the torque between the front and rear wheels at a 31:69 ratio.


The E43 looks like a proper AMG with the obligatory AMG body kit and quad exhaust tips as well as 19-inch 5-spoke high-gloss black AMG wheels or an optional 20-inch two-tone wheels. The 360mm x 36mm disc brakes at the front and 360mm x 26mm discs at the rear endows the E43 with the required stopping power.

The E43 AMG will hit Western markets in September after its 2016 New York Auto Show debut, and will likely show up in the GCC by early next year.

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  1. awesome vehicle!! looks amazing

  2. Same question about all other 43s… is it that cheaper than 63s ?

    • These are just the models that used to be called C450 AMG Sport, E450 AMG Sport, etc. Now they have been rebadged as full AMG models, but prices should be a fair bit lower than the 63s when they debut here.

  3. It’s interesting how this new AMG actually makes less power than the old E500. Has Mercedes abandoned the V8 on it’s non-AMG models?

  4. Thanks Mash you made it clear

  5. That’s what I like about German cars

    Engine options

  6. You can’t help but wonder what the hell are they thinking at Mercedes when they release this AMG badged version with 400hp while a 550i has 450hp with no M badge or any other type of hussle whatsoever.

  7. Sometimes you don’t need more than 4.6 s 0-60, but you need that tight suspension and nice look. SO it’s better to save some cash.

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