Tesla Model S updated for 2017

Tesla Model S updated for 2017


Following the launch of their entry-level Model 3 and the Model X crossover, Tesla have given their Model S a revamp. A front fascia similar to that of the Model 3 adorns the front of the new Model S. The slender grille along with the LED lights give it a fresh look.

The interior gets refreshed too, with the addition of amenities like heated/ventilated front seats, HEPA air filter, Keyless entry system, Infotainment system with 17-inch display, rain sensing wipers, USB connectivity, rearview camera and a navigation system. The customers also get to choose from two new wood trims — Dark Ash and Figured Ash. The premium upgrade package adds Nappa leather upholstery, Alcantara headliner and LED ambient lights.


The Tesla Model S  offers four different powertrains to choose from. The entry-level S70 is propelled by a 315 hp electric motor which produces 440 Nm of torque which is enough to return a 0-100 kph time of 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 224 kph. The range of 368 km is also not a thing to shrug at. The S70D model is powered by dual electric motors to produce a combined output of 328 hp and 524 Nm. This hike in power along with the addition of all-wheel-drive brings the 0-100 kph time down to 5.2 seconds. The range is upped by 16 km as well. The next model in the lineup is the 90D which is also powered by dual electric motors. This version puts out 417 hp and 657 Nm which slashes the 0-100 kph time by a whole second. The top speed is 250 kph and the range is 470 km. The most powerful version of the S is the P90D which outputs a massive 463 hp and 966 Nm of torque. This output is even increased further after the upgrade to a bonkers 532 hp. The 0-100 kph time for this model is 2.8 seconds, which is supercar stuff.

The Tesla Model S also come with an upgraded 48 amp charger which facilitates quicker charging. In USA, the Model S will go on sale with prices starting from US$ 72500.

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  1. looks good. who is distributer in U.A.E.?

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