China's SUV brand Haval launched in the UAE

China’s SUV brand Haval launched in the UAE

Haval H9 LR

UAE-based dealer Swaidan Trading has announced the arrival of a new SUV brand from China, named Haval.

A division of Great Wall, Haval is apparently a major player in the Chinese market, achieving the status of “top-selling SUV brand in China” for 13 consecutive years. It is one of the few brands in the world who are committed to building only SUVs.

Four SUV models will be launched in the UAE market — H2, H6, H8, H9. Prices start from Dhs 64,500 for the standard H2, with the flagship H9 Luxury model going for Dhs 120,000.

Keep track of the latest prices and updates in the Haval buyer guide.

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  1. I hate to be the sales guy for this SUV, when mazda is offering AED 90,000 for it’s CX-9 ……

  2. It is good that China is entering into the automotive market, the deciding factor is not about the new model neither the price but more importantly the after sales service, warranty etc

    If Haval manages to beat that, they will do very good

  3. In their top model H9 they manage to load it with lost of interior specs put fail to have a respectable suspension. That what I don’t like in Chinese cars, lots of accessories and lack of basics.

  4. Chinese??? no for now, just like KIA and HYUNDAI a decade back. Chinese cars are yet to reach the standards in make to beat the other makers. Look on the road, a few months old Chinese car looks like its completed half a century. Cheap? yes it is, but not worth the pay for now at least. They will get their, give them some time. For something to last in the scorching heat of the middle east – its tough.

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