Toyota FJ Cruiser to end worldwide production this summer

Toyota FJ Cruiser to end worldwide production this summer

2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser

While the Toyota FJ Cruiser’s demise was greatly exaggerated the last time in 2014, when it was discontinued only in the United States, it seems the time has finally come for the rest of the world to say goodbye as well. Production will fully end by August this year. Update: Production is still continuing, at least for the Middle East market, for the forseeable future, as per Toyota Middle East.

With slowing sales and increasing emissions regulations, the FJ Cruiser’s time was limited anyway. First introduced in 2006 as a production car, it wasn’t until 2008 that the FJ was finally offered in the Middle East, to great success.

Over the years, power was bumped up from 240 hp to 270 hp, but otherwise changes were limited. A manual version was offered in the GCC between 2012 and 2015, making it a rarity that is already holding its value well (and we are helping with that), aside from the endless locally-outfitted special-edition versions concocted by dealers. Even the earliest models are still going for high second-hand prices.

Conceived as a tribute to the original FJ40 from the 1960s, the FJ Cruiser will leave a niche that will only be occupied by the Jeep Wrangler in the coming years, since the Nissan Xterra’s fate is looking patchy as well.

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  1. I cry every time

  2. Earlier Nissan Xterra and now FJ Cruiser, Its an end of the best offroad cars era.

  3. Toyota just shot themselves in the foot.

    The present day FJ only needed an updated interior.

    A brilliant Truck this one, will be missed dearly by the local off-roading community.

    • What makes this worse is that Toyota hasn’t even announced a worthy successor.

    • With Landcrusier around that can offroad in style with 7 onboard..Toyota need not prove anything to anyone.

      As far as Jeep Wrangler is concerned, it has its own cult following and is much senior, it doesn’t need FJ or Nissan Xterra presence or absence in market to stand out… it will always stand out in crowd.

    • With the current trend… a successor would end up being a 7 seater mall basher… -_-

    • True that Faisal :/

      Ghanib, no doubt the LC200 is a fantastic off-roader but IMO the FJ is better suited for off-roading in the following ways:

      1. Shorter Wheelbase to counter technical dunes
      2. Affordability
      3. Customization options
      4. Extremely robust and able to take heavy abuse.

      I can find only 2 cons with the FJ: interior was outdated and front visibility issues.

  4. Sad to hear that.

    If you have a good car but time pass it you should upgrade it not stop the production !

    Just an end to a respectful car.

  5. thats sad!!! i just brought a new Fj… whats about the services now?

  6. I agree with Ironman and Asem. FJ Cruiser is a beauty and all it needed was better interiors and some nice to have features which are common now. I am not buying it just because of dated interiors and lack of basic features.

    Toyota is killing a very capable offroader.

  7. A model that put Hummer out of bussiness.i m sure Toyota has something under their sleeves.

  8. Driving mine for past 6 years, still going strong. That my friend is not good for business as per Toyota finance folks. You cant make a vehicle which doesnt come back for expensive services.

    • I don’t think so, you mean to say Landcrusier, Pardo, Fortuner come back for expensive services…that’s why toyota is keeping them alive… all of them are equally or more reliable, extremely good offroaders. Slowing sales and emission control points also i don’t understand… People still buy FJ’s here in middle east, till it showed up in showroom, i think the same craze should exist in USA. And whats this emission issue? doesn’t Toyota use same engine in other 4×4’s with slight power tuning. If FJ, doesn’t mark up to emission ratings, so should similar engines used in other model of Toyota’s, but that’s not the case. Same, with Xterra, there are two many around, to think about slowing sales or stopping production, i don’t think so.. its one of those stock vehicles, that, if you have basic desert driving skills, you can go into desert with family and come back without scratches or getting stuck.

  9. Bought a new one, base model. 119,000 AED at Toyota Ramadan Promotion. Has bluetooth, cruise control, navigation, rear parking camera / sensors, traction control switch, atrac switch, rear diff lock switch, crawl control knob on roof, in built air compressor, Two visibility flags with poles and First Aid Kit. Also got a 49 inch Phillips Smart TV. Full tank petrol cost 255 AED.

    • I doubt you can install the 49 inch tv in the FJ. Joking. But you got a lot of stuff for a base model… Whats missing from the full options? did you get the skid plate protection?

    • Skid plate protection is there. I didn’t even go near the full or extreme option, as the deal with base model was quite enticing… following is missing compared to higher models, no fog light, no day time running lamp, no leather seats, no control on steering wheel, spare wheel cover, front parking sensor, no subwoofer, 2 big speakers in front and two tiny ones in rear, blind spot detection and some collision avoidance features, turn signal lights on door mirrors. My main concern was, for such a vehicle the 4×4 system should be complete with rear diff lock and that I got. Other amenities I don’t care much, ya missing fog-light is pinching me a bit but can get an aftermarket one. TV i fixed at home, but when you switch it on, it displays Toyota logo instead of Phillips for 3 secs, so guests will clearly know that i got it from Toyota from deal.

    • Author

      The irony is almost everything you mentioned is aftermarket, installed locally by a dealer-approved agency.

    • Keep the T.V playing before the guests arrive. Problem fixed.

  10. relieved to know fj is still in production for middle east. Very few proper Fun SUV left at a fair price point.

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