Top 10 most researched new cars in UAE for Ramadan 2016

Top 10 most researched new cars in UAE for Ramadan 2016

A belated Ramadan Kareem to everyone. As the most popular website among real car shoppers, we are in a good position to see exactly what people here are interested in buying, simply by looking at our internal stats. Our site is especially popular in the UAE, as Dubai is our home base. So here’s a rundown of the top ten cars being researched the most on this Ramadan in the UAE, which is where 200,000 of our 500,000 unique visitors come from every month.

Nissan Patrol
2014 Nissan Patrol in the UAE 2
This one is a real surprise. In the last couple of years, our top searched cars alternated between Toyota’s Corolla and Prado. Suddenly everyone’s looking at Patrols this Ramadan. Maybe it’s because we just picked one up and gave it our stamp of approval with our own money?

Toyota Land Cruiser
2016 Toyota Land Cruiser 1
This one is a surprise too. Usually the Land Cruiser is further down on our list, after the Prado. Maybe people are cross-shopping these with the aforementioned Patrol. It’s unfortunate that we never even got to try the new facelifted model, so we have no feedback on it.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
2014 Toyota Prado
Finally, some sense of normalcy prevails. The Prado enters our list lower than in previous years, but still the king of its segment. We never tried the current one which got that weird facelift a couple of years ago, but we assume it’s the same as the competent version before it.

Honda Civic
2016 Honda Civic in the UAE
There is a lot of hype surrounding the new Civic, so it is no wonder that the compact sedan is suddenly on everyone’s radar again. It’s a good overall package, held back in the sales charts by price alone, but the new ones are somewhat-almost-kind-of worth the price of admission.

Toyota RAV4
2016 Toyota RAV-4 Hybrid 1
The RAV4 is doing rather well nowadays against the Korean onslaught it seems, at least during this month where Toyota has some strong special offers. This may sound like a broken record, but we haven’t driven the facelifted new RAV4 either, but we believe it is largely the same as the previous model.

Mitsubishi Pajero
Of course the Pajero had to be on our list. Whether it’s Ramadan or Christmas, there’s always one offer or the other going on with this legendary 7-seater midsize SUV that’s quickly approaching a decade of production in its current form. And it remains the best value for money in its segment.

Toyota Corolla
2014 Toyota Corolla Limited 2
The stalwart of the compact sedan segment has dropped several spaces this year, even with a new “Sport” model joining the range that we haven’t driven yet. Clearly there is a shift in consumer behaviour as most people are gravitating towards SUVs this year, but the Corolla still leads in its niche on our chart.

Toyota Fortuner
2016 Toyota Fortuner 2
Finally, this is a Toyota that we actually have driven, and it deserves all the attention it is getting. While still too truckish for our tastes, the offroad-ready Fortuner is better in every possible way compared to its popular predecessor, and can now be had with numerous luxury features on the top version.

Hyundai Tucson
2016 Hyundai Tucson 5
We can’t figure out why the first Korean on this list only appears in 9th place, but it is the best of the Korean lot. The new Tucson is definitely worth a look as it is hard to find any faults with it. But in our current economic climate, it seems most people are once again gravitating towards safe high-resale-value choices from Japan.

Ford Mustang
2015 Ford Mustang GT in the UAE 2
Economic downturn or not, there is always a market for the Mustang, and the new one somehow managed to beat the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Renault Duster to sneak onto our list as the only sports-car entry. We suspect the decision to buy a Mustang usually comes from the heart and not from the head.

For full prices and specs on these cars, visit the Ultimate Car Buyer Guide. Tell us if you’ve sprung for one of these cars and why. Did we influence your decision in some way?

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  1. The number of Toyota’s on this list is too damn high! -_-

  2. I understand why every car of them are on the list. But prado, really ?

  3. i only done a search on honda civic from “RAMADAN most searched cars list”

  4. Looks like people are buying all the Korean cars we see on the roads without researching. which means either they are too cheap to think about or the cars are just that good.

  5. would have guessed the camry is also on list


  6. Korean cars are cheap to buy but expensive to maintain as the car gets old. I know a couple of people who bought Hyundai but in their next buy switched to Japanese brands because they felt that dealer was squeezing on thr spares and regular maintenance

    • Totally wrong! I have owned following cars till now, Honda City, Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Focus, Hyundai Accent, Jeep Wrangler, Ford Expedition, Suzuki Vitara. Some cars where manufactured in US, others in Japan, Europe and Korea. I bought an Accent for daily trips to office, in its 4.5 years of ownership (116,000KMS), the car hasn’t given any trouble, and the build quality is of exceptional level. The car is very cheap to maintain, an average dealer service costs AED 220. Parts are very cheap as I came to know during 100k Service, on the contrary Suzuki cost AED 1250 for 10K service which is a hug rip off, even expensive than Ford. My relatives and friends also bought Hyundai’s and Kia’s. All of us are very happy and we have no intention on switching to Japanese brand, we will continue buying Korean brand. As far as Large Size SUV is concerned, although I was tempted to buy the new Expedition, but I will wait for a year or two for the next generation to be launched. There’s big difference between owning, dealer maintaining, driving a car for several years / kms and then giving opinion, than assumptions based on what other people say or 15 min showroom test drives to grab festival offers.

    • for the people how would like to own Korean cars, Sharjah industrial areas, has thousand of cars which they came from America, which cost like 22000 dirhams for each car with there damage, so after been fixed they sell it here in double price so, it will be cheap to buy used on instead of new

    • Stream why would you that, when you can get a base accent in mid 40’s and full in 50’s. Buy a new one with uae specs and drive issue free for several years then buy damaged used ones. Same with other brands, Lancer base for 40k, new Sunny, Kia Rio, “Suzuki Dezire even comes below 40K”. I think there is too much competition in market and variety of small cars to select from in all ranges. You even get US spec damaged and fixed Mustang V8’s for as low as 32,000 AED’s, God knows when it will break down or catch fire in highway.

  7. Dear readers,

    Please advise your uncles and aunties to drive in the 3rd track on highways. They are responsible for a “moving traffic block” at 100kmph on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road! Atleast give way for people who are trying to reach on time.

    Issued under public interest

  8. Bought an Toyota FJ Crusier base model this year, offcourse after reading the articles and arguments over the website. Stocks are still available, so get one before the thing vanishes from market.

  9. Each of us have our opinion and experiences.

    One if my colleagues in UAE owned a hyundai sonata 2009 -2010 and she had frequent complaints with the ac and eventually replaced it with a Mazda 6.

    Another of my colleagues had a 2007 Tucson there was problem with the gearbox replaced under warranty but service cost was expensive eventually replaced it with a Honda CRV.

    I had caddilac escalade which was troublesome replaced it with an lc.No matter who vouches for caddilac I am not going to buy another one same goes for the people I mentioned above.

    Currently i own a 2014 elantra diesel automatic in India my service cost for the car which has run 50,000 kms is almost same as my 2013 fortuner diesel automatic which has run almost 80,000 kma and this one is more expensive and bigger engine.

    I did not state this because it might not be applicable to UAE but since only people who have personal experiences can share opinions my two cents on it.

    While there people who might vouch for a particular brand there will be some one who has had bad experience with the same brand be it Honda or Toyota or Hyundai .

    Experiences vary and let us share it with an open mind.

    • Agreed. This was my point also, just because couple of people had bad experience, with brand or service, we cannot write them off. I have had pretty bad experiences with Fords as well as their service centre, but didn’t go for Ford bashing, I noticed that with proper maintenance and correct usage, the Fords were great car to drive, also since the Fords, I bought were used compared to other cars that were brand new, I give the brand benefit of doubt (don’t know how previous owners maintained them). So in spite of my bad experience I will still give Ford one more try. Forgot to mention, Jeep ownership was most satisfying of the lot and I have had a very good experience with Nissan Dubai Service centre. And as you have rightly mentioned, its one’s own opinion based on ownership experience.

  10. Buddy of mine owns a painfully basic 2000…something kia rio, with no problem. He also owned 2 generations of sorento with no problem. Other buddy of mine has a 2011 santafe and he is the happiest man on earth. Colleague of mine has a 2013 SOUL and she is complaining about it every chance she has, especially with regards to steering problems. Neighbour of mine cries about his 2011 Tucson almost every week. I have had a 2008 FIVEHUNDRED and a 2008 Mustang. While the mustang gave no headache, the 500 represents the most horrific car-experience i have ever had, thus shifted to Japanese and happy ever since. People are bias and i guess buying a car its still pure lottery. it is true though that on certain manufacturers probability of winning is larger than others.

  11. which sedan car do u guys prefer for a new comer in uae earning 7k dhs a month..

  12. @MJordan, I suggest Nissan Sunny, Tiida or Toyota Yaris, evergreen cars in UAE

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