2017 Caterham Seven 310 revealed

2017 Caterham Seven 310 revealed


The British light-weight sports car manufacturer Caterham is expanding their “Seven” range of cars with their latest model, the ‘310’. And it looks exactly the same as all their previous quasi-cars.

The 310 is an upgraded Caterham Seven 270, with a tweaked 4-cylinder 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine that delivers 152 hp. Staying true to Caterham’s way of making cars, the 310 weighs just 540 kg. Thanks to the lightweight structure, the performance figures are impressive. It takes just around 5 seconds to do 0-100 kph and the top speed is 204 kph.


The 310 also comes with the optional LED headlights, which Caterham says will be made available across the range soon. The amount Caterham asks for a 310 is £24,995. If you intend to assemble it yourself, you can save a good £3,000. An optional R package will add a limited-slip differential, Avon ZZS tires, a light-weight flywheel, sports suspension, composite race seats, shift lights and anti-roll bars. The R package costs £3,995. If you spend another £2,500, you can equip your 310 with a close-ratio manual gearbox.

The good news for present Caterham seven 270 owners is that you can upgrade your 270 to the 310 for only £1,495. Deliveries of the 310 will start by early 2017 while orders are currently being taken. Caterham is available in the UAE via an official dealership, but you could probably save some money by directly importing the parts and have a garage build it here.

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  1. If you are a top Gear fan… you certainly knows what that car is !

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