2018 Toyota Supra rumoured to be in the pipeline

2018 Toyota Supra rumoured to be in the pipeline


A joint venture between Toyota and BMW was formed at the beginning of 2013 to produce a sports car under each brand. While it is clear that the boffins at BMW is working on a Z4 replacement likely to be called the Z5, the picture of the Toyota’s iteration still remains murky. But in June 2016, Toyota has trademarked the iconic “Supra” moniker with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This has pointed squarely at a reinvention of the tuner favourite, the Toyota Supra. The design of the new sports car is likely to be heavily influenced by the  FT-1 concept originally unveiled in the 2014 Detroit Motor Show.


Autocar says that the new car will be released in 2018, according to the information they received from undisclosed sources. Both the BMW and Toyota cars that share the same platform will be produced in the same factory. The location will be confirmed only after assessing the markets for both the companies. The Supra will be placed above the Toyota 86 in their lineup.


While the old Supra was a rear-wheel-drive, the new model is rumoured to sport an all-wheel-drive hybrid powertrain. Toyota Motorsport GmbH, the team which usually takes care of the engineering for Toyota’s endurance racing machines and rally cars, has revealed in an interview with AutoRAI that they have a turbocharged hybrid engine under development. They were reluctant to even hint at the cylinder configuration or the engine size. We still can’t be certain that this engine is the real deal, but the technical specifications and the stage of development the engine is in, fits well with the rumours connected to the new Supra. So if we find the same engine in the new Supra when it comes out, we won’t be surprised.

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  1. looks pretty neat, especially from the back!

  2. The thing that really worries me is that if Toyota decides to compete with GTR in the next Supra, that will make it so expensive car for masses and will make it expensive to run and maintain, what Im hoping for is to have 3.0 L twin turbo charged engine, and maybe paired with a sort of hybrid power to make some combined power over 450 hp, that would be enough if the car weight was reasonable, it will go to 100 in around 4 seconds, practical and reliable and maybe priced around 70 to 80 thousand dollars, that would be perfect

  3. So out of curiosity. Do you mean 100 mph or 100 kph? Because 100 mph in 4 seconds would be insanely fast.

    • Of course 100 km – h, 3.8 to 4 seconds will be more than enough, because otherwise, they need to double the price just to remove another 0.5 to 0.7 seconds out of the acceleration, they will need too much advanced and complicated tech and power and AWD system which will all add weight and cost, personally I’m ready to sacrifice a second in acceleration in return of practicality, reliability, and reasonable price

  4. The supra was famous in the past as I was growing up, but this one is more of a super car!

    This one is amazing; however, they should build the Supra for the masses with a price of a medium size sedan

  5. Could it be?? I sure hope so! It’s good to see they’re reviving some of their old amazing cars, now that so many REAL vehicles are either cut-off or trans-gendered to Cross-Overs..

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