Dubai asks people to send photos of unbelted kids in cars to police

Dubai asks people to send photos of unbelted kids in cars to police


Dubai authorities have asked residents to take photographs of cars when a child is on the driver’s lap or in the front seat, and send the photo to the police.

According to The National newspaper, it is part of the Child Protection Law that came into effect in June that allows people to report incidents where care-givers, relatives, neighbours or medical staff put a child’s life at risk.

The photos can only be sent to the police, and not posted publicly on social media or elsewhere. The photos should also be taken safely, without endangering yourself or other road users.

It is unclear if this is a country-wide UAE initiative or just limited to Dubai.

Children under 10 are banned from sitting in the front, the fine for which is Dhs 400 fine and four black points on the driver’s licence.

Small children need to be strapped into child safety seats in the back seat. Kids of different ages need to be in specific types of seats, as we’ve covered before. Child seats can be had for less than the cost of the fine in most cases.

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  1. Child seats are a must… conveniently ignored by many.

  2. What to do if child does not want to put seat belt?
    They scream like hell to get it off!

  3. Little Mash is on the drivers seat of a Mclaren.. A Race Driver in the making….!!

  4. Taking a photo of the car next to you trying to get a clear image of kids that are unbuckled could cause an accident if you don’t pay attention to the road and are more concerned about taking a picture. I know you should do it when the car is stationary, but we all know what some people are like. Just my 2c.

  5. Well as a responsible individual you should report it to the Police, but at the same time the law states you cannot film or click pictures of any person without his permission/consent. I think this will need to be clarified so as to to have a clear picture.

  6. How to send it the police then?

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