Harley Davidson officially reveals new Milwaukee-Eight engine

Harley Davidson officially reveals new Milwaukee-Eight engine


Harley Davidson has taken the covers off their all-new powerplant, the Milwaukee-Eight. Rumours about this engine had been floating around for a while now. The Milwaukee-Eight retains the 45-degree V-Twin classic Harley angle and is a replacement for the twin-cam engine that debuted in 1999. As the name suggests, the new engine comes with eight valves, four per cylinder, in order to follow stricter emission regs.

The new engine claims to produce more power, less pollution and less vibrations even though fuel economy figures improve. It also promises a slimmer design, smoother ride and a better exhaust note. HD says that the engine is designed to reduce 75% of the vibrations at idle.

The new power plant is available in two sizes, the Milwaukee-Eight-107 is the smaller one with 1753 cc and the Milwaukee-Eight-114 with a displacement of 1868 cc sits above it. The smaller engine will be used in models like the Street Glide, Road Glide, Electra Glide, Road King and Freewheeler. The larger engine will power the Ultra Limited, Road Glide Ultra and the Tri-Glide Ultra.

The rest of the Harley Davidson line-up will feature the old Twin Cam V-Twin engine. The public unveiling of Harley’s 2017 lineup will be conducted through a series of dealership open-house events this month.

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