Apple gives up on building their own car

Apple gives up on building their own car


Project Titan was an ambitious car project that was proposed by the American tech-giant firm Apple a few years ago. The Titan was rumoured to debut by 2020 as the “ultimate mobile device”. And now, it’s back in the news to quash all the hype. Apple is now slowly backing away from the project, as signalled by a massive lay-off involving hundreds of employees.

As reported by Bloomberg and the New York Times, the scaling back of the project has led to many among the thousand-strong team to lose their jobs. Some of these members were absorbed to some other departments of Apple, but exact figures are not out yet. It is also believed to be a move adopted by Apple Inc. to reboot the project and redirect it to a new path.

Despite the project being scaled back, Apple is said to be open to partnerships with existing automotive manufacturers. As far as the current situation is concerned, Apple is not interested in creating a vehicle of its own. Instead they have inclined their intentions towards creating an autonomous system that can be licenced for use by other car manufacturers, the Bloomberg report says.

The final fate of this project will only be determined by the end of next year.

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