Hennessey planning Ford F-150 Velociraptor 6x6

Hennessey planning Ford F-150 Velociraptor 6×6


Hennessey Performance from Texas has revealed the renderings of a new bonkers machine, the VelociRaptor 6X6. The VelociRaptor 6X6 is a 600 hp, twin-turbo, six-wheel drive super truck based on the Ford F-150 Raptor.

The donor truck, a SuperCrew Ford F-150 Raptor is fitted with an extra set of axles and wheels along with an elongated bed to accommodate the extra rubber. The truck also gets locking rear axles, upgraded off-roading suspension, 20-inch wheels, and chunky off-road tyres. The front portion of the truck, including the front axle is not modified. The story under the hood is the performance upgrades have helped the truck achieve a power increase of 150 hp over the normal Raptor. If you want to spec the 6X6 with more stuff, the optional extras include Brembo front and rear brakes, even larger wheels and tyres, brighter LED lights, and armour systems.

If you need the extra power but a 6-wheeler is not what you want , Hennessey will prep up any second–gen Raptor with new turbos, a custom exhaust, front-mount air-to-air intercooler and a new ECU tune to produce the same output for a price of US $22,500.


The amount to shell out for the VelociRaptor is US $295,000. Hennessey hasn’t confirmed the date of its proper reveal yet. The ones who wish to buy it can order one directly from Hennessey Performance or a few select Ford dealers.

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