2017 Ford F-150 revealed with improved powertrains

2017 Ford F-150 revealed with improved powertrains


Since the day of its release, Ford’s EcoBoost engine has attracted a lot of critical acclaim for being powerful and fuel-efficient at the same time, at least in comparison to a V8. The Ford F-150 pickup also has EcoBoost powertrains on offer which have now improved for 2017.

The 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost engine is a new unit for the 2017 model. The 375 hp of power and 637 Nm of torque churned out by this engine are 10 hp and 67 Nm more than what the first-gen EcoBoost produced.

The 2017 Ford Raptor will also put this powerplant to use but in a different state of tune. This is expected to dish out 450 hp and 691 Nm.

Ford has also replaced the six-speed gearbox with an all new 10-speed unit which helps in bumping up the fuel efficiency figures slightly. This gearbox will be offered as an option across the F-150 range and will come as standard with the Raptor.

The fuel efficiency has registered a bump up with the addition of the new powertrain. The rear-wheel-drive version of the F-150 Ecoboost returns an efficiency of 13 l/100 km in the city, 9.4 l/100 km on the highway and a combined total of 11.2 l/100 km. The four-wheel-drive version on the other hand returns 13.8 l/100 km in the city, 10.2 l/100 km on the highway and 11.8 l/100 km in the combined run.

Expect the new motor to be offered in GCC-spec Ford F-150 models by the middle of next year.

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