2017 Mercedes-Maybach G 650 is a farewell to the original G-Wagen

2017 Mercedes-Maybach G 650 is a farewell to the original G-Wagen

Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet:

Answering yet another question that nobody asked, the Mercedes-Maybach division — responsible for ordinary building more opulent versions of slightly less-opulent Mercedes models — now has a third model after the S-Class sedan and coupe. The next candidate for the Maybach treatment is the iconic G-Wagen. Mercedes-Maybach has shown off a luxurious Landaulet model christened the G650.

The 27-year-old G-class platform is currently on its slow walk out through the door as Mercedes plans to replace it with a less-horrendous new one soon. So the G650 Landaulet will give the iconic original G-Wagen a send-off. The Landaulet body style is reminiscent of the vintage luxury cars that offered air-in-the-hair motoring experience for only the rear passengers.

The G650 is not the first Landaulet from Maybach, as they already produced a namesake version of their 62 S sedan in 2008.

As the G650 sports the Maybach moniker, luxury features have been retrofitted in the most awkward ways, The pickup-styled rear is, of course, the focal point as it has a motorised cloth cover over it to form an SUV shape. The legroom at the rear has now increased thanks to a longer wheelbase. The fully-reclinable rear seats are lifted off the S-Class so they come with a massage option. The rear passengers are also pampered with heated/cooled cup holders, dual 10-inch screens and a pair of foldable tables. A privacy glass separates the front from the rear cabin.

Under the hood, it houses the same 6.0-litre bi-turbo V12 from the regular G65 AMG. This produces 630 hp and a colossal 1000 Nm of torque. A few new exterior features like carbon fibre wheel arches and an LED stop lamp above the spare tyre are included. The G650 Landaulet comes with three locking differentials and portal axles from the G63 6X6 and the G500 4X42. This gives it a massive ground clearance of 450mm.

The Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet will be unveiled at next month’s Geneva Motor Show prior to which the prices and more details will be announced. Only 99 examples of this tribute to excess will be built. We’re guessing the price will start at the Dhs 2 million range, if not more. Expect most of them to come to the UAE.

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  1. They would never stop making this thing, a new ‘update’ the new mercedes interior is coming in 2019!

  2. the beige cloth cover on blue is hideous.. Dont we get matching color covers for this premium..

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