Jaguar E-Type Reborn first of factory-restored classics

Jaguar E-Type Reborn first of factory-restored classics

Jaguar Classic debuted its first ‘Reborn’ Jaguar E-type at the Techno-Classica Essen show in April. An initial batch of 10 “expertly sourced and comprehensively restored” examples of the ancient E-type are now offered for sale direct from the new Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works facility in the UK.

E-type Reborn is a complete service from Jaguar Classic, which offers rich overly-nostalgic customers the unique opportunity to purchase an original E-type direct from the vehicle’s original manufacturer.

Every E-type Reborn, which starts with a base vehicle sourced by Jaguar’s E-type experts, is completely restored according to the company’s original 1960s factory specification.

The first vehicle to go through the complete E-type Reborn process is this grey Series 1 4.2 Fixed Head Coupe, which comes with a 265 hp inline-6 engine and a 4-speed manual. Originally exported to California in May 1965, the car recorded 125,000 km before being stored in 1983 — high mileage by classic-car standards — so they probably got a good deal on it. It retains its original matching numbers bodyshell, engine and gearbox, all of which have been completely rebuilt by Jaguar Classic technicians.

According to the Tata-owned British carmaker, as much of the original vehicle as possible is retained or refurbished to correct specifications, while any safety-critical parts are replaced with new items from Jaguar Classic Parts. Body panels from Jaguar Classic’s reverse-engineered panel programme are fitted where necessary, to remove corrosion and restore the best fit possible. The attention to detail even extends to recreating the correct type of spot-welding when refitting those panels.

A number of upgrades from later E-types can be incorporated into the restoration process at extra cost, subject to the customer’s wishes, including improved cooling, all-synchromesh gearbox, or Series 2 front brake calipers.

The Jaguar E-type was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961 and is now considered a collectible classic. However, a “Reborn” car will have a starting price of US$ 356,000, or about Dhs 1.3 million, so its collectible status as an investment is dubious. To put it in perspective, the car cost an inflation-unadjusted US$ 5620 (Dhs 20,600) back in 1961, and you can simply pick up a well-restored E-Type from one of the collectors in Dubai itself for as little as Dhs 300,000, with room to grow if it does appreciate in value. Or just buy a Jaguar XK now like we did, and store it for the next 50 years.

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