Toyota FT-4X concept hints at mini FJ Cruiser replacement

Toyota FT-4X concept hints at mini FJ Cruiser replacement

As the fate of the much-loved FJ Cruiser is sealed, Toyota’s lineup required a funky SUV to fill its shoes in when it’s gone (possibly in 2018). A very likely candidate for that job is being displayed in concept guise at the 2017 New York Auto Show. The Toyota FT-4X takes its design inspiration from the FJ Cruiser as well as the original Land Cruiser and then blends it with contemporary elements. However, it is a much smaller crossover!

FT-4X stands for Future Toyota Four-Wheel Drive Crossover. The white grill upfront is reminiscent of the classic FJ40 Land Cruisers and obviously, the FJ Cruiser. The round headlamps are replaced by more angular units that fit well with the angular body design. A vertical window on the D-pillar is present only on the driver’s side. The rear hatch door can be opened in two ways, vertically or as two doors, depending on the need.

The FT-4X is a hybrid, designed to be comfy city prowler with enough grunt to take some light off-the-tarmac beating if the driver wants to do so.

Inside, the FT-4X is loaded with tech like a removable audio system lets the driver take their music wherever they go. The center HVAC vents can be directed downward to cool the items kept on the shelf right below it. The front door handles double as water bottles.

When Toyota shows the FT-4X the green light to production, a small displacement four-cylinder engine will provide the grunt. The power will be transferred through a four-wheel-drive system with selectable low-range. It will ride on Toyota’s new architecture shared with the C-HR, Prius, Camry and the next-gen Corolla.

It looks like once the FJ Cruiser finally does end production, its replacement will be a rival to the Jeep Renegade rather than the Wrangler.

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  1. worst FJ design ever

    looks like an injured mini-kia and has NOTHING to do with the heritage of the FJ

    WTF toyota?!?!?!?!?!

  2. You have got to be kidding!!!! That thing is a insult to the Fj and the Fj-40!!
    Change it’s name please!!!

  3. I think it’s horrid- why didn’t Toyota keep a good thing going

  4. So, FJs will be sold until next year? Wonder how the sales figures are …

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