So we bought a 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550 Lorinser

So we bought a 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550 Lorinser

Let us get this straight — we didn’t intend to buy a Mercedes-Benz of any sort. Aside from a couple of AMG models, Mercedes-Benz is mostly the default choice of brand-biased individuals who grew up listening to their parents wax lyrical about how they aspire to own a car with a three-pointed star on the bonnet. It’s true, your parents were right in their infatuation — Mercedes-Benz actually was at the top of their game back in the day (and I personally owned one of those old ones), but they fell by the wayside long ago, starting to regain their mojo only recently, as our reviews will reveal. However, there was one car we didn’t drive from the past decade, and that was the previous-generation S-Class flagship. So we bought one, but not intentionally.

You see, we ordered a classic BMW via a used car dealer in Aweer and made a partial payment a year ago. They botched the delivery (long story) and couldn’t give our money back due to current economic conditions, but they offered us one of the cars off their lot. So we picked this one — a 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550 Lorinser imported from Japan.

While the car didn’t look particularly enticing in photos, it turned out to be far more attractive in person. We love the mildly-gaudy Lorinser kit as no one will mistake it for a chauffeur-driven limo. The wheels are stunning turbine-design 21-inch Lorinser alloys. The long-wheelbase interior is leather-clad in black, with reclining massage seats and powered window-blinds in the back.

But while the kit appears to be all original (and worth $18,000, not including the wheels!), we got black plastidip removed from the alloys, replaced some blue corner bulbs with stock ones, got the front brake discs skimmed, and replaced the front brake pads and brake-wear sensors (Dhs 600), as well as the smaller of two batteries. That cost us Dhs 2080, but those were the only major things to be done, as the car runs perfectly otherwise.

While our car is left-hand-drive, it is clearly Japanese-spec, as a woman’s voice greets us in Japanese on start-up. The radio and nav are also Japanese-spec, but otherwise it’s all in English. All the electric toys in the car also work, including the infinitely-adjustable ventilated front seats, the LCD gauge cluster and more.

While we can’t keep the car and plan to sell it soon (since we’ve already put our name down on another sports-sedan purchase), we’re definitely enjoying driving this V8 behemoth around in the mean time. It floats like a Rolls-Royce, yet has the grip of a BMW around corners, thanks to a Lorinser suspension tune. It’s quite a car. More on that in the full review.

Update: It’s on sale now. Click here for details.

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  1. How much did you guys end up paying for this beast?

  2. you should keep it … will make a nice long term review car.

  3. this lorinser tuning is am embarrassment for the s class..

    anyways, congrats on a great car

  4. Hi..I don’t understand one thing, how can people import LHD used cars from Japan while they drive Right Hand Drive vehicle.

    • Author

      Japan allows LHD cars, and for some reason, they’re considered status symbols since they are imported cars there. The car is still Japanese-spec with some labels in Japanese.

  5. I am always curious to ask this whenever I read your pages, you always say “We..”, who else is it with you? :))

  6. Author
  7. Could you please share vin?

  8. What an ugly looking kit. Spoils the elegance of the S class.

  9. Mash,
    So is it ok to buy other economy brand Japan imports and use it here in UAE?Are they any different from GCC spec cars?

  10. Accident history if possible

  11. Don’t know why all the bash for the looks. I like how it looks, especially in white. Please share on how much you got for it..

  12. Greetings! We are used car exporters based in Japan (Yokohama). Although you didn’t purchase this car from us we regret you had some troubles at the Japanese side. Anyway, it is a great car review of this model. Japan has been importing lots of LHD car for a long time, mostly from Europe and US and now reexporting worldwide. By the way the major importer of used Japanese vehicles is U.A.E and if you are looking for a car from Japan we will be happy to help (shipment worldwide).
    Best Regards,

  13. Bonjour

  14. Comment on peut régal la langue chinoise en France

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