2017 Infiniti Q60 officially launched in the UAE (video)

2017 Infiniti Q60 officially launched in the UAE (video)

The all-new 2017 Infiniti Q60 premium sports coupe was recently launched in the UAE and GCC, with a drive event in Dubai as well as a launch event in Abu Dhabi.

Available in 208 hp 2.0T as well as 400 hp 3.0T Red Sport form, the Q60 is available with Intelligent Cruise Control that automatically adjusts speed to respond to traffic, and Direct Adaptive Steering that constantly fine-tunes steering performance with up to 1,000 adjustments a second, as well as Dynamic Digital Suspension.

Our Arabic editor Tammam went for the drive event in Dubai, and you can watch his review in Arabic on our YouTube channel.

For UAE prices and specs, visit the Infiniti buyer guide.

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  1. Nice car, but the V6 is overpriced, I would rather take the new E coupe, the E 300, it might not be as fast, but much more classy with amazing shape, image and respect, also much more spacious inside, the new E coupe is a proper GT car that can seat 4 adults comfortably

  2. these front grill designs are hilarious. works once, hardly works twice, but rolling those ugly grills out entirely is a bad call imho..

  3. Infinity doesn’t know what to name their cars…Q, QX, M, G, F, JX, whatever…
    It’s a fake luxury brand

    • Lol. Oh ya..is it. Go and make your own luxury brand. Do you know what gxr, vxr, a7 , m5, dx7 means, doesn’t all of them look like abbreviations. Some may even have meanings but today engine specs differ from nomenclature 5 may necessary be not 5 litre v8, it may be car powered by 3.6 twin turbo generating same power of v8. If you don’t like a particular model, just say you don’t like it. Not just type anything you want. The comment should be something like that of samer…what you like about a car, why you would you buy it or not. So that manufacturer reads it and tries to cater to your needs.

  4. the base model is slow and the 400 hp model is too overpriced, there should be a model with 280-340 hp

  5. @aaaaaa – I think the same. 2.0t is good, but still not enough for this class, but 3.0t (400 hp) is insane, this is close to super cars, not sport coupes. Maybe 3.0t will less charge, or 2.5t, or anything giving ~300 hp (or even slightly less) would be good!

  6. The Arabic driver seems to drive entirely with one Hand kept on the steering, That is a Bad review. Totally unsafe and Drive Arabia should exhibit safety albeit the conditions.

    • Author

      He’s testing the lane departure prevention system. The roads are nearly empty.

    • Since when is driving with one hand unsafe? I drive most of the time with one hand and I m not an Arab. Usage of 02 hands are when you need to do a lot of turns back to back. It is very much derogatory to mention “ARABIC DRIVER”. Driving with one hand does guarantee that you will meet with an accident and driving with two hands does not guarantee that you will always be saved from an accident.

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