Rolls-Royce 'Sweptail' custom-ordered one-off model

Rolls-Royce ‘Sweptail’ custom-ordered one-off model

Rolls-Royce has built a one-off bespoke Sweptail model for one of their customers. Apparently the manufacturer has been working for years with the customer building it.

The exuberant shape is inspired by designs from the 1930s, such as the vintage Rolls-Royce Boat Tail speedster. The back seat has been removed from the coupe, for a wood mid-shelf that features an illuminated glass lip. The most striking aspect of course, is the large teardrop-shaped glass roof which covers the cockpit.

No images of the dashboard were provided, which Rolls-Royce claims is one of the “cleanest” they have ever offered on any of their cars. Also the centre console has built-in mechanism which, when activated, deploys a bottle of champagne and two crystal flutes.

No info about the performance has been given either.

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  1. unbelievable . Amazed .

  2. i take a few please..

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