2018 Toyota Prado possibly-official renderings leaked

2018 Toyota Prado possibly-official renderings leaked

These images are supposedly renderings of the upcoming 2018 Toyota Prado that is expected to debut at the end of this summer.

Found on Instagram account @hamad1two3, it is entirely possible that these are real, considering Toyota has actually used photoshopped images of past models to promote facelifted versions of the current Toyota Land Cruiser.

These photos could have come from presentations at one of those secret consumer clinics that are held by carmakers to gauge public reaction to models before they are released.

Either way, the second facelift of the 7-year-old current-gen Prado will likely just get a new front-end, tail lights, wheels and dashboard, just like the recently-facelifted current Land Cruiser.

What do you think?



  1. improvement over current model.

  2. was expecting a complete model revamp and not the cosmetic face lift.

    seems like they are finishing this built by incorporating style from its expensive brother GX460, on the interior with speedometer, color tints and gear lever.

  3. front make-over looks pretty good. can’t see any difference for the rear though..?!..

  4. looks cleaner…

  5. Prado as ugly as b4. When will toyota learn design refinements from its competitors??

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