Chevrolet SS ends production, so say farewell to the Chevy Lumina

Chevrolet SS ends production, so say farewell to the Chevy Lumina

The Chevrolet Lumina was a somewhat popular Australian-built rear-wheel-drive sedan sold in the Middle East for about a decade before it was gradually replaced by the Malibu. The big thing was it came in sporty Lumina S and SS trims, as well as in CSV CR8 forms, all based on Aussie-market Holden Commodore models. But while the facelifted version never came here, the car was offered in the United States as the Chevrolet SS. And the last one was just built.

Holden’s final US-bound Chevrolet SS has been built, in black with a manual gearbox, marking the end of GM’s Australian export program. The manufacturing team at the factory all signed under the bonnet and on the deck lid carpets.

A total of 12,953 Chevrolet SS sedans were built since 2013, making it as rare as a Delorean. Sales remained low through its lifetime, probably because it never looked like an aggressive sports sedan. While the car never came to the UAE, we went to the United States and managed to exclusively review an automatic Chevrolet SS.

The Holden Commodore winds up production for good on October 20 this year, sent off with a bang in the form of the HSV GTSR.

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  1. Sad story to the best American sports sedan. Corvette V8 engine, 6 speeds manual and a superb suspension.

    But… with a design that is less sporty than Honda Accord.

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