VLF resurrects Hummer H1 as Humvee C Series

VLF resurrects Hummer H1 as Humvee C Series

The Hummer H1 was a mighty brute that offered the ruggedness of the military-spec Humvee to the general public. Though the Hummer brand was made mainstream by later-owners GM with the Hummer H2 and the smaller H3 that followed it, the H1 always retained that cult status. Hummer as a brand was shut down by GM during the last financial crisis. But now, 11 years after its demise, the H1 has been resurrected. Sort of.

VLF Automotive, a low-volume American car manufacturer has revealed the Humvee C-Series, a modern day reincarnation of the military grade behemoth. They had to call it the Humvee C-Series as the Hummer brand is still owned by GM even though they pulled the plug on it in 2010. The Humvee was revealed in China where it will go on sale first. The truck will be exported to other parts of the world except the very nation the H1 hailed from — the United States. The Humvee C-Series will have to get certified again to fall under the recently-passed Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act in the USA. This is not a feasible option as the H1 is now a 25-year-old design.

The Asia-bound Humvees will be offered in three trims -– Bravo, Charlie and Delta — depending on the luxury level and the engine chosen. There will be four engines to choose from. A 6.5-litre diesel is available in three states of tune while an LS3 V8 petrol is offered with 430 hp and 574 Nm of torque.

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