Lexus LX 570 gets TRD body kit in Japan, likely coming to UAE & GCC

Lexus LX 570 gets TRD body kit in Japan, likely coming to UAE & GCC

Toyota and Lexus do their best to differentiate their products, but cross-pollination is inevitable when the luxury Lexus brand’s flagship LX 570 model is a rebodied Toyota Land Cruiser. Now the Toyota Racing Development tuning arm, better known as TRD, is offering a body kit for the Lexus LX 570 in Japan.

The TRD kit offers nothing more than visual mods, with a full frontal grille-bumper replacement, a redone rear bumper that hints at a dual exhaust system (which it doesn’t really have), and new wheels. The parts are sold separately, with the sand-scooper front end costing US$ 2,100, the rear bumper costing US$ 730, and the wheels priced at a whopping US$ 6,800.

Word is the kit will be offered in the UAE and other GCC markets as a “sport” model. A TRD supercharger is available separately for the 5.7-litre V8 engine, but not as a unique trim via the local dealer any more as far as we know.

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  1. Looks good on the Black theme.. But the grill is looks like Spider Web!!

  2. Wow pay close to $10k to make it even uglier,,, maybe not for me.
    The LX is over priced, starting price (at dealership) is close to the RR HSE, and no way near the build quality.

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