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2018 Mitsubishi Xpander revealed

mitsubishi-next-generation-mpv (1)

Mitsubishi revealed an all-new people carrier, the Xpander, at the 25th GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show slated currently being held at Jakarta.

The look of the Xpander combines utility and ruggedness. The body profile hints at ample room inside the car while the cuts and creases along the sides give it an SUV-esque look. The front fascia is a hate or love affair with a very busy design like the Montero Sport and the Outlander. The lights up front are mounted in three layers, the top layer occupied by a set of LED DRLs underlined by the middle layer with huge headlamps. The fog lamps form the bottom layer. The rear end of the car takes a comparatively conservative approach. The creases in the sculpted tail lamps at the rear fit well with the overall design of the rear.

Inside, the Xpander provides plenty of room for all the passengers. Mitsubishi claims that the access to the third row is excellent. The MPV will have a two-tone dashboard and door cards, a huge centre-console and a normal instrument cluster which has a small information read-out screen placed between two analog dials.

Power comes from a 1.5-litre, 16-valve petrol engine which will be mated to a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. This powertrain will drive the front wheels.

It is not known yet whether the Mitsubishi Xpander will be sold here in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.

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  1. Looks good. But, how do you expect to power a car with 3rd row seating with 1.5ltr petrol standard engine. Atleast should have a 2.0 litre for proper getup and go in traffic, especially when you specifically say, that it is a people carrier.

    • Its main market is Indonesian family, and they have relatively low body weight compared to westerner or middle eastern, so 1.5L is quiet enough.

      I hope it will get engine upgrade though.

    • @Mattew Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, Honda City, Suzuki Swift, Lancer, Renault Small Car all these cars sporting a varid range of engines from 1.3 to 1.6 struggle to keep up pace when there are more than 1 passenger in Car. I can only imagine the struggle of utility van type car when it’s carrying 7 passengers, couple of laptops, files and tiffin boxes in morning traffic. The car looks really cool, but a 1.5 turbocharged engine would do wonders, also manual gear car will manage somehow. Problem is like Dubai, SHARJAH traffic Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand also have huge number of cars and complex traffic conditions.

  2. Over all looks good compare to its competitor Avanza… The engine option is the question here… Better to keep the car on the slow track… The tail lamp is exactly as a Honda CRV 2018…

  3. What about expected price

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