Tesla Model S and Model X get improved performance

The arrival of the Model 3 in Tesla’s lineup called for more contrast between the bigger Model S and Model X ranges. Therefore Tesla has hiked the performance figures for the base models of the latter two.

The entry level Model S and Model X with the 75kW battery is the prime candidate to receive the upgrade. The update consists of a few tweaks to the software as well as the hardware of the cars. This will increase the pace of the non–performance Model S and X. This might woo prospective customers of the overbooked Model 3 into considering the base Model S and Model X. Current owners will not be able to enjoy it as the performance upgrade is reserved only for new vehicles.

Tesla has revealed the 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) timings of the new models:

Model S 75: 4.3 seconds down from 5.5 seconds

Model S 75D: 4.2 seconds down from 5.2 seconds

Model S 100D: 4.1 seconds down from 4.2 seconds

Model X 75D: 4.9 seconds down from 6.0 seconds

Model X 100D: 4.7 seconds down from 4.8 seconds.

There is no news from Tesla yet if the upgrade is already available for new buyers in the UAE.

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