Angular Kode 0 super car flaunts its one-off body

Angular Kode 0 super car flaunts its one-off body

Ken Okuyama created the legendary designs of the Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari P4/5. At this year’s Pebble Beach Concours in Monterey, he had unveiled his new creation, the Kode 0, which follows the Kode 57 Enji that was previewed last year.

The Kode 0 is built using the Lamborghini Aventador as the base. It features a singular “One Motion” design that draws inspiration from the designs of Marcello Gandini who created the classic Lamborghini Countach, Miura, and the Lancia Stratos Zero. The design is as angular as it can get with the whole car deeply raked to the front. The aggressive front splitter and bumper are accented by the narrow Lambo-ish LED headlamps on either side. The 20 and 21-inch wheels are in correct proportion to the profile of the car. At the rear, a triangular exhaust outlet with four circular pipes in it is placed right in the middle of the diffuser.

The coach-built Kode 0 weighs 1550 kilograms, undercutting the Aventador by 302 kilograms. This is achieved by using carbon-fibre panels along with the Aventador’s carbon-fibre monocoque chassis. Propulsion of the Kode 0 is provided by the 6.5-litre V12 engine which comes with no modifications. The Kode 0 is based on the original Aventador rather than the more powerful S and SV versions, so the power output is 690 hp which comes along with 690 Nm of torque. The 7-speed ISR transmission uses this power to propel the car from 0-100 kph in a whisker over 3 seconds.

Kode 0 doesn’t have a price tag on it as of now. But Ken’s previous creations have gone for humungous amounts in the past, so it is imperative that the Kode 0 take the same route.

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