Suzuki Xbee is a quirky little crossover we won't get

Suzuki Xbee is a quirky little crossover we won’t get

In the past decades, Japan’s Kei car trend gave birth to a number of quirky machines that were made to properly utilise the tiny footprint. In September 2017, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki showed off a variety of concepts for its Xbee Crossover. And now, they have unwrapped the production version of the Xbee as an eccentric AWD Hybrid Crossover which, sadly, will be sold only in Japan.

The looks of the Xbee strays far from the conventional norms. The car is very tall for its size which helps in maximizing space inside for passengers and luggage. The headlamps are round with the indicators projecting out of it to give it a different look. As an option, you can go for LED headlamps as well. The fog lamps are housed in the silver cladding placed high up on the front bumper. There are several customization options too. Two-tone color options like the ones shown in the pictures are just one of them.

Under the hood, the tiny Suzuki Xbee is powered by a one-litre turbocharged engine with a mild hybrid system backing it up for better fuel efficiency. A six-speed automatic sends the power to the front wheels or all four wheels if you opt for the optional AWD system.

There are some off-road gimmicks that come with the Xbee. There is a snow mode that prevents the wheels from spinning when there’s less traction. The Xbee’s grip control system adjusts the throttle and braking response to prep the car for driving in mud. And then there’s Hill Descent Control. However, don’t expect it to be like the Toyota FJ Cruiser it seems to be inspired from.

The Suzuki Xbee is a product tailored for the Japanese market regulations, so it is less likely for it to make it to our shores.

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  1. It amazing smooth and looks comfort

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