2019 Ford Focus all-new model spotted

2019 Ford Focus all-new model spotted

The Ford Focus is undergoing a complete redesign for 2019, and is going to be be unveiled by April this year. However, we’re getting an early look at it, courtesy of this spy shot from a promotional photoshoot.

As caught by Vezess.hu, this blue car seems to be an ST-Line model (which are regular-engined Focus models with sport suspension and body kits, and were never offered in the GCC). From this angle, the design appears derivative of everything from the Mazda 3 to the BMW 1-Series, as the Focus loses its trademark C-pillar window and high-mounted tail lights.

While we currently get German-built Focus models, it is unclear where our GCC-spec 2019 Ford Focus will come from, as American production is moving to China, and some German production has already moved to Thailand.

There seems to be no plans to build a new RS model at this time as news comes that the current RS will be discontinued soon. A proper ST model should appear soon though, possibly with an automatic gearbox option for those who use “traffic” as an excuse to not “save the manuals.”

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