2019 Toyota Supra racing concept paves way for return

2019 Toyota Supra racing concept paves way for return

Out of all the cars that ever existed, only a few have managed to attain a legendary stature. And the Toyota Supra lurks near the top of this list. Revered by enthusiasts for its bulletproof engine and tuner friendly nature, the Supra was raised to absolute stardom by the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Due to this fame, a successor to the discontinued Supra was highly anticipated by petrolheads. As to quench their thirst; Toyota unveils a GR Supra Racing concept that shows us what the new Supra will be like.

Developed by Toyota’s Gazoo racing division, the GR Supra Racing Concept shows off several cues of the upcoming sports car but there are not enough details to whet a petrolhead’s desire. Technical details are scarce but it’s known that the sports car is made out of many lightweight materials. The front, rear bumpers, hood, mirror caps, diffuser and the massive rear wing use composite materials for their construction while the windscreen and side window are made out of plastic. There’s carbon fibre too; on the door panels.

Toyota hints at a perfect 50:50 weight distribution which will help it be a sharp handler. It will be powered by an inline-six engine, although it remains to be seen if it’s Toyota’s own or borrowed from platform-mate BMW Z5. They have made sure that the engine is easily tunable, to be in sync with the original model’s strong point. Oddly enough, the Supra is expected to be the same size as the tiny 86.

As it is a racing concept, the Supra GR comes with full race kits like roll cages, center lock wheels, and fire extinguishers. It can be another long wait till they completely reveal the production version. Till they revive the legend that faded out in 2002, Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept will help to keep us all on our toes.

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  1. i think the supra should now have a V8 engine. straight6 (2jze) is now really old since it first appeared in an 1986 supra’s. I think Toyota should ditch the straight 6 option. or it could give both the engine options.

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