2019 Mini Cooper range gets subtle updates

2019 Mini Cooper range gets subtle updates

Mini showed off a refreshed version of their classic Mini Cooper models at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show. This refresh included both the two and four-door hardtop and convertible models.

Though Mini says that the models have been refreshed, it will take a trained eye to spot the differences. There are slightly new headlights up front which get LED lights with black detailing. The turn indicators are now housed around the headlamps. At the back, the taillights get a nip and tuck as well. The light pattern of the tail lights resembles the British Union Jack flag. There are three new colour options, Emerald Grey metallic, Starlight Blue metallic, and Solaris Orange metallic.

The interior is lined with a new kind of upholstery called Malt Brown Chesterfield Leather. The infotainment system now uses a 6.5-inch screen as standard with can be swapped for an optional 8.8-inch setup. Apple CarPlay and the in-house built Mini Connected systems are offered to enhance connectivity.

Mechanically, the most important update is the addition of the new seven-speed DSG gearbox. This gearbox adds a different kind of gear selector that rocks back and forth to toggle between gears instead of moving between them, which sounds similar to the one Fiat-Chrysler recalled due to issues which caused the death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin. Here’s to hoping Mini has better safety measures in place.

Expect the new models to hit UAE, KSA and GCC showrooms by the end of the year.

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