Ford Trucks new 6x4 Tractor Head released in UAE

Ford Trucks new 6×4 Tractor Head released in UAE

Al Tayer Motors, the official Ford Trucks dealer in the UAE, launched the new 6×4 Tractor Head series (3543T) at an event held in Dubai.

The new Ford Trucks 6×4 Tractor Head series (3543T) offers specs such as 10mm 500 MPa steel chassis, twin clutch, 16-speed ZF manual transmission, and “day & sleeper” cab options.

Powered by a 12.7-litre engine, the 2018 6×4 Tractor Head series delivers 434 hp at 1800 rpm and 2150 Nm of torque between 1000 – 1300 rpm. The optional 600 KW Intarder option offered for brings the total braking capacity to 1000 KW.

Models such as 1843T tractor, 1833 (4×2), 3543P/M/D (6×4) and 4143M/D (8×4) can be customized with transmission and cabin modules for on-road and off-road conditions.

A new feature is the Automated Transmission option. With Off-road, Rocking and Economy modes, the Automated Transmission option assists drivers to be in the right gears according to the environment conditions.

The new Ford Trucks series now comes with 25 per cent reduced maintenance costs. The service periods has been extended up to 40,000 km/800 hours which reduces the overall cost of ownership.

Other considerations make the Ford 3543T competitive in this sector is less down time. Al Tayer claims they have 90-percent of the parts readily available and if it is not available, they will air freight the part in 48 hours at not extra charge to the customer. Warranty on Ford Trucks can also be extended by a further 2 years.

Al Tayer offers free on-site maintenance and repair Services (mobile workshop) thereby reducing downtime. In addition, Al Tayer provides on-site troubleshooting for new customers for the first few months free of charge, so an on-site mobile workshop is in hand if any trouble occurs. The Ford Driver Academy is also included in the package which trains the driver. The program focuses on the principles of safe driving under tough working conditions such as hazardous material transportation and construction sites.

There is an optional “Hot Climate Package” which provides improved A/C and radiator performance, and improved cabin isolation and filtration. The package was developed over a two-year period of vehicle durability tests in simulated laboratory conditions and also tailored to specific customer expectations through a series of road tests in the region. The Hot Climate Package is offered across the Ford Trucks product line-up for the UAE,

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