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Bugatti Divo is faster, fewer, and much more expensive than the Chiron

Bugatti Divo is faster, fewer, and much more expensive than the Chiron

After several teasers, the Bugatti Divo was finally revealed at Pebble Beach. The Divo is essentially a Chiron but with completely overhauled exterior and aerodynamic bits to make it very agile.

The teasers had shown us some aggressive aero bits before but now e get to see them all in one place. The body of the Divo is home to many similar structures. The entire body is sculpted to improve on the handling prowess of the Chiron. The front fascia is completely new with a new set of headlamps place up on the fenders, bigger vents and a massive spoiler up front.

On the roof, there is an integrated NACA spoiler that channels air to the massive W16 engine. An active spoiler, 23 percent wider than that of the Chiron which also acts as an air brake is fitted at the rear. A large diffuser is fitted at the rear to hold the Bugatti Divo on the ground while it corners at a maximum force of 1.6 lateral g. All these changes along with other small vents and ducts in its body produce up to 90 kg of additional downforce and improves engine and brake cooling. The output of the W16 engine remains unchanged at 1500 hp.

The Bugatti Divo is lighter by 35 kilos due to less sound deadening materials, lighter wheels and a carbon fibre intercooler cover. These improvements make more sense when we take facts and figures into consideration. The Bugatti Divo is faster around the Nardo test track by 8 seconds than the Bugatti Chiron. But this means that the Divo will have to forego something the Chiron was famous for — the special top speed mode and the 420 kph top speed. The aero upgrades limit the Divo to 380 kph which is not a puny figure but less than that of the parent car.

Only 40 examples of the Bugatti Divo will ever be built and the ones who are interested will have to burn a US$ 5.8 million hole in their wallet. Apparently it’s sold out already.

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